Toss Old Technology for Robust Solutions

After experiencing difficulties with their legacy scoring system, Trifecta was tasked with rapidly developing a new application solution...before the next competition season.

Varsity Brands

The Story


Varsity is a leader in cheer and dance camps, competitions, and apparel. They design, manufacture, and sell items such as uniforms, shoes, and accessories. Varsity has driven the tremendous growth of cheer and dance activities globally. In scoring competitions, Varsity aims to inspire teams to create all star routines that balance difficulty with technique and performance and bring out the best in athletes.


The Varsity All Star Scoring System has become the standard in all star scoring, being utilized by almost every all star competition in the country. Unfortunately, their legacy scoring application was a hodgepodge of systems on aging hardware. The application was prone to failure, as it used unsupported software. Users complained about its cumbersome functionality, clumsy interface, and glitchy experience. This was less-than-ideal during competitions, with Varsity IT staff struggled to keep the software running to avoid costly downtime. Varsity called upon the Trifecta team to develop a user-friendly solution before the next competition season.

Our Work


Trifecta underwent a comprehensive discover process to analyze Varsity's business processes, pain points, and technical restrictions. The team assembled a rapid application development team to build a solution according to the approved specifications. In addition to the app's technical features, the team had the opportunity to include some features to improve user experience as well. The solution incorporated multiple data input methods to accommodate for a judge's personal preference, and included a dark mode to reduce eye strain in dark competition halls.

Responsive Scoring App

The application was responsive, allowing judges to use the device of their preference to log their scores. The interface is sleek and simple, making it quick and easy for judging staff to enter, adjust, and submit scores without missing critical moments of a routine.

The Results


The new scoring app had increased usability and a simplified database, which facilitated user adoption by judges, administrators, and staff. Further, it freed up time for Varsity's IT staff (previously spent troubleshooting issues), which they could now spend on other high-priority tasks. The solution dramatically improved "system up" times, reducing costly delays at cheer competitions and events. Plus, Trifecta was able to deliver the solution ahead of Varsity's deadline, which allowed additional time for training before the competition season began.

“I always know what to expect when working with Trifecta; quality work and open communication. There are never any surprises and I think that is key to project success. Highly recommend!”
Tracey ElkinsBusiness Analyst, Varsity