Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

When Capezio’s business processes started to hinder their team’s productivity, they looked to Trifecta for help with their Salesforce implementation.

Their Challenges

Capezio’s popular dance apparel and footwear have been made for more than a century. Some of their business processes might have seemed that old too. Capezio’s existing sales process was done manually, using Microsoft Excel. This was extremely inefficient, causing user errors and it did not provide the visibility they needed into their customer’s buying habits. 

Google Maps

Capezio sells their products in thousands of retail locations and dance studios. Because Capezio did not want saturation in one location, their sales team used Google Maps to manually search for existing and potential customer distribution opportunities. 

Written Surveys

Customer feedback is important to Capezio’s business. They were using word documents to create forms for customer surveys, which would then be filled out by hand and scanned back into their computers. This inefficient method hindered their reps’ productivity.

Capezio Shoes

Our Approach

We implemented and configured Salesforce Sales Cloud to automate Capezio’s manual processes.

MayAnything App Integration

Capezio’s sales team needed a better way to track existing stores selling their products vs. prospective stores. So, we installed Map Anything from the AppExchange, which provides a map within Salesforce that the sales team can utilize to see their current and prospective locations. By integrating this with their SAP & Magento, the data is already populated for them, eliminating the need to search manually on Google Maps.

Capezio's outdated, manual processes are now modernized with Lightning Experience and the Salesforce1 Mobile App.
Capezio Survey Callout

Survey Integration

Integrating a survey tool, GetFeedback, from the AppExchange allowed Capezio to create beautiful, sleek online surveys to send their customers from Salesforce. The survey responses have increased, and they are receiving new information that will help them with their product marketing.


Capezio’s sales process is streamlined and efficient. Custom reports and dashboards provided management and sales teams with full visibility into customers and their pipeline. With increased productivity, they can now spend more time designing new products.