Mobile Point-of-Sale

Trifecta and Carlo’s Bakery transform the in-store customer experience from transactional to social with a mobile iPad POS solution powered by the Salesforce Platform.

Carlo's Bake Shop

Their Challenge

Carlo’s Bake Shop experienced a 1000% increase in sales in a short period of time. That meant long lines outside their flagship storefront in Hoboken, NJ, forcing customers to wait an hour or more for their baked goods.

Out-of-Date Technology

Their legacy Point-of-Sale (POS) system, which consisted of pen and paper for order taking and a cash register for payments needed to be updated with a more efficient form of technology.

Overwhelming Popularity

The new Carlo’s fan base left their long-time, regular customers displeased with how long they had to wait for their usual treats. Carlo’s wanted a way to personalize the in-store experience to increase customer loyalty and dramatically cut wait times for the locals and tourists alike.

Carlos Writing Order
Cake Boss Las Vegas Grand Opening
Carlo's Bake Shop was in need of a POS solution that integrated directly with Salesforce to streamline customer data, product info and pricing.

Our Approach

We built a custom point-of-sale solution that pulled key customer data, product information and pricing from Salesforce, and presented it through an iPad application that’s personalized for each store. When orders are finalized and the payment is captured, the final order data is passed back to Salesforce allowing Carlo’s to build a 360-degree view of their customer.

Mobile Point-of-Sale

Trifecta designed and built a native mobile solution utilizing the Salesforce mobile 2.0 SDK in conjunction with a Heroku cloud-based transactional layer for transient data.

Our solution capitalizes on the benefits of both the Salesforce Mobile Platform and the Heroku cloud to ensure a highly scalable solution that has 24/7/365 uptime.
Carlos Pos


Our elegantly crafted mobile solution allowed the staff to interact in a social way with customers as they moved throughout the bakery. The order pickup process became personalized and expedited. Customers found staff quickly and had their orders pulled up on the iPad. The intuitive catalog structure improved efficiency and the ability to handle the increased customer flow. 

Success never tasted so good.