Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

The world’s most prominent character-based entertainment company for over 70 years looked to Trifecta for help with their Salesforce implementation.

Services Provided

Their Challenge

This popular entertainment company suffered from an inconsistent reporting system, in addition to their team tracking sales through Excel spreadsheets. As their business grew, the different divisions’ sales teams did not communicate or have insight into each other’s sales, which affected employee productivity and efficiency.

The solution was simple. We implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud, created custom work-flows and objects for approval processes and tracking business.

Reports & Dashboards

Custom reports and dashboards for each line of business gave every sales team and management insight into each others’ activity.

Sales Cloud gives their company the ability to track opportunities and keep record of all contracts and orders in one place.
Marvel Opportunity Detail


Their company now has an efficient reporting system and can track sales with fewer errors. Each team member has insight into other teams’ activity, making tracking and reporting consistent across all lines of business.