eCommerce for Salesforce

Great Basin Scientific looked to Trifecta for help when they were ready to grow, but had an outdated ordering process that was not ready to scale.

Their Challenges

Great Basin Scientific supplies hospitals with sample-to-result molecular diagnostic products. Time is extremely valuable in the medical industry, so when Great Basin’s order process was slow, they knew it would jeopardize the growth of their company. 

No eCommerce capabilities

Their existing Salesforce org did not have a way to accept payment for orders. They were using standard objects to try and track their orders, which resulted in a lot of duplication and mistakes. 

Lack of reporting

Their team was also unable to forecast sales for new opportunities vs. recurring customer orders with their standard Salesforce reports.

Great Basin's Salesforce Portal
Great Basin needed a way to pull their data together and integrate it with Salesforce, while reducing redundancies and mistakes seamlessly.

Our Approach

The team here at Trifecta implemented our Salesforce product, Trifecta Commerce - a flexible shopping cart based order system - which streamlined their order creation process. Order tracking allowed Great Basin to clone existing orders to accelerate the process of repeat customers.

eCommerce for Salesforce

Trifecta Commerce provided Great Basin Scientific with integrated shipping and allowed split shipments of orders. Our solution enabled true Order Lifecycle Management throughout the creation, pricing, and fulfillment of their products.


With Trifecta Commerce, Great Basin Scientific’s sales team and customer service representatives now have the ability to monitor the growth of new sales and repeat business with accurate reports and dashboards. We diagnosed the internal issues they were experiencing and put them back on the path to healthy growth.

“My team desperately needed a streamlined order system; the Trifecta Commerce Order Management App is exactly what I was looking for, especially with the customizations they implemented to meet our needs! I really enjoyed working with the Trifecta team, they are very pleasant and responsive, I look forward to working with them in the future!”
Kyra PassaroGreat Basin Scientific