eCommerce for Salesforce

Trifecta Technologies builds custom eCommerce solution on the Salesforce platform for a major electrical distributor.

Their Challenges

An industry-leading consolidator of electrical distributors with 600 locations in 45 states, supplies and manages large catalogs of data, warehousing and sell various products for global distribution. Their existing customer portal was not modern or mobile responsive, and their eCommerce site was a homegrown system that was outdated and inefficient. With such a large network to maintain, their current processes were taking a toll on sales.

Limited Functionality

The existing service system did not have robust functionality for collaboration and social aspects. Their team’s ability to produce quotes for customers was slow and inefficient because they were done manually by paper or through email.

Outdated Design

Their eCommerce site was a homegrown system that lacked efficiency. Making employees reluctant to work with the outdated system. 

A worker in an electrical parts warehouse
This enterprise company needed an improved online presence that streamlined order processes and customer engagement.

Our Approach

The Trifecta team built a custom eCommerce solution on the Salesforce platform, with shopping cart capabilities utilizing a custom built application. We leveraged Salesforce Communities to bring in data from clients, such as blueprints, bids, and specs.

Responsive eCommerce Site

We designed a responsive eCommerce site to improve the customer experience and ultimately increase sales and employee adoption.

Site templates made it quick and easy for non-tech users to create a personalized website for specific distributors.


Our solution reduced the use of paper bids while providing their customers with the ability to upload bids, blueprints, and specs for real-time interaction with service reps. With a responsive site, clients and employees can interact at anytime and anywhere. Consolidating their business processes provided insight to each business team, which gave them a 360-degree view of each customer. All of this change proved to be a big success when employee adoption and customer engagement increased immediately.