Micro Matic

Established in 1953, Micro Matic is recognized as a leading global supplier of draft beer, cocktail, water and wine dispensing systems and solutions in over 120 countries.


Create an efficient mobile process for Micro Matic certified installers to design and quote custom towers and beer systems while on-site visiting clients. 

Micro Matic's 'LIVE' app

Trifecta developed a mobile application that drastically decreased the amount of time for an installer to generate a quote. What used to take 2-3 weeks to design a system and send a quote, now only takes 15 minutes.

Key Features

  • Native mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Certified installers can create quotes for custom beer towers and systems to be installed in bars
  • Ensures that all parts included in a quote are compatible with each other
  • Instantly creates a quote which is sent to the customer
  • A web portal allows contractors to access their quotes and Micro Matic’s staff to receive work once the quote is approved
  • All updates to available products and compatibility are handled on the backend, eliminating the need for app store approval
  • Offline capabilities allow users to perform the entire process of designing a beer tower and system while in a customer’s basement

Value Delivered

  • Global network of third party vendors utilizing one mobile application
  • Reduce sales cycle by instantly delivering quotes for customers
  • Enabling third party partners to quote Micro Matic parts instead of “frankensteining” a system from different vendors