Monark Premium Appliance Co.

Provider of cooking, cooling and cleaning appliances for high end home or business remodeling. Monark partners with architects, builders, designers, developers and home owners for premium brand remodeling for interior designing of kitchens.

Technology Concerns

Monark has show rooms in 20 locations across the U.S. and was looking for a more streamlined, effective and collaborative CRM solution to manage their sales process from lead to showroom opportunity to close.

Monark Range

Our Approach

The Trifecta team partnered with Monark sales leadership and front line sales reps to fully outline the existing sales process and pain point areas.

Out of that analysis came a strong understanding for all parties on the main areas of transformation needed within the sales cycle. Trifecta then configured Sales Cloud to allow for greater collaboration, more efficient workflows and the ability to report on key data at all levels within the organization. Trifecta also analyzed data quality to ensure reporting would be accurate and valuable.

Technology Solution

Trifecta implemented Sales Cloud Enterprise Edition including new workflows, collaboration capabilities, streamlined process flows, opportunity management, product selection and reporting.


As a result, lead processing time decreased due to workflows implemented and auto assignment rules. The volume of leads also increased due to web-to-lead processes implemented and the ability to capture leads in one consistent process.

Monark now has enhanced collaboration between field sales and showroom selling teams using Chatter. Field sales reps are also much more efficient through the use of Salesforce Mobile. 

Real time visibility into key sales metrics are available now with Salesforce reporting. And Monark can feel confident in the data represented due to the data cleansing and de-duplication put in place. KPIs are effectively tracked and displayed in Salesforce for all levels including sale reps, management and executives.