Sales & Service Cloud Fix

Trifecta helped Pelican Water Systems increase efficiency by improving their existing Salesforce implementations.

Their Challenges

Pelican Water Systems is the world leader in whole-house water filtration and salt-free softening and conditioning systems. With a reputation that large, it became an issue when they had no global way of sharing solutions to customer service issues. 

Pelican’s website did not have a way to capture leads and they did not have insight into their customers’ buying habits. To top it off, they had multiple systems that did not integrate with each other.

They needed a better way to manage their network of dealers, both B2B and B2C.

Our Approach

We began the project with an in-depth examination of Pelican’s business practices, workflows, culture, and technology ecosystem. With this knowledge base in place, we were able to get to work.

We integrated Pelican’s customer-facing website with modern back-end systems, including Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Advanced integration tools were used to tie a number of legacy systems - including their order processing system, ZenCart. This dramatically reduced the number of applications used on a daily basis.

Pelican Order Detail


We added a web-to-lead form to their website which automatically assigns new leads to appropriate sales reps. Implementing LiveAgent gave website users the ability to chat live with Pelican’s sales reps, improving service issue response times. 

Pelican employees now perform the bulk of their day-to-day work within Salesforce, utilizing data fed by legacy applications and solutions.
Pelican Agent Console


Pelican’s new solution has resulted in unprecedented visibility into customer buying habits, increased effectiveness of their support team, a more responsive sales team, and easier management of both B2B and B2C channels. Because nearly all business data is stored in a single system, information is more consistent, accurate and readily available to their team.

“I'm a believer in the power of Salesforce. I would recommend Trifecta as well... All in all, a great experience.”
Tony FrieslExecutive Vice President, Pelican Water Systems