Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Trifecta helped Penske replace their out-dated service system with Salesforce Service Cloud.


Their Challenges

Penske Truck Leasing is the leading global transportation services provider, operating and maintaining more than 240,000 vehicles and serving customers from more that 3,000 locations across the world. When their billing department was experiencing operational inefficiencies, Penske realized its homegrown service system needed to be replaced. 

Unorganized Data

Penske’s service system did not integrate with their other systems and required many manual steps for inputting data. The billing coordinators were forced to handle their work outside of the system, leaving data unorganized and hard to track.

No Visibility

Penske’s managers had little to no visibility into their agents’ work. This made it difficult for them to report on orders and customer data.

Penske Trucks Small
Penske needed an efficient way to organize and prioritize their work into one system, while providing their managers with the appropriate tools to monitor completed work and have visibility into future work.

Our Approach

We first implemented Salesforce Service Cloud. Our team created a custom case review process so Penske’s managers could monitor the performance of their agents. We also developed quick-actions to navigate the billing agents from status to status automatically.

Custom Dashboards & Reports

We designed custom dashboards and reports for management and agents to track tasks related to milestone completions, which helped agents see what needs to be done in order to complete a milestone. 

Penske's manual processes​ are a thing of the past and their service reps can enjoy automated case resolutions.
Penske Service Console


This solution resulted in Penske customers experiencing faster response times. Our on-site training ensured adoption from their users, admins, and managers. Penske can now focus on driving results and improving customer satisfaction.

“The team was great... they were more like our partners and not like a consulting team.”
Brooke SpechtSenior Manager, Billing Operations, Penske