Custom Web-Based Software

Trifecta builds cloud-based technology to streamline the entire purchase process for the back office of restaurants.

Their Challenges

Sarbari is a supply chain management solution designed to automate the tedious and time consuming task of shopping and tracking food purchases for restaurant and food service operators. With the food industry being so competitive, Sarbari’s original brand, Com-Pear wasn’t cutting it.

Slow Platform

Sarbari’s original site was on JBoss Portal, an open source platform for hosting and managing a site. When that platform became obsolete, Sarbari suffered security breaches because it was no longer supported. The JBoss Portal was extremely slow due to it being hosted on dated physical servers, which caused a lot of inefficiencies for Sarbari. 

Brand Identity

Sarbari’s original brand, Com-Pear, was outdated and keeping their company from succeeding in a tough marketplace. They were in desperate need of rebranding their company and site.

Com Pear Product List Desktop
Com Pear Desktop

Our Approach

Trifecta started by migrating Sarbari’s original site application to Apache Tomcat. We then moved their site to a cloud-hosted environment using Amazon EC2.


We designed new UI/UX to reflect their innovative software that would be easy to use for Sarbari’s customers. Our team also worked to design and create a new algorithm that allows restaurant buyers to see their savings on all of their orders.

Streamlined data processing on the back-end improved Sarbari's performance and efficiency.
Home Computer SarbariSarbari's rebranding and new UI is more intuitive and eye-catching, which is attracting more customers than their previous brand.


With the software being hosted on a new platform, Sarbari doesn’t have to worry about security breaches anymore. Their application is now faster and more efficient, while the cloud environment offers more scalability and eliminated the cost of physical servers.