Point–Of–Sale App

Think Whole Person Healthcare was in need of an eCommerce solution on the Salesforce platform.

Their Challenge

Think Whole Person Healthcare is a physician-led practice who brings a whole new standard of health care to its patients. They were opening a six-floor retail establishment without a POS platform in place, and their existing Salesforce implementation was put together by multiple vendors which required a single point of sale application to process in-store transactions.

Think Healthcare Point-of-Sale Display
Think Site Map

Discovery & User Flows

We spent a lot of time planning out the user flows and architecture for this app. Since we were building a full Point of Sale system from scratch with an extremely tight deadline, we had to make sure that the flow would work before design and development began. 


Once the structure of the app was planned, we designed wireframes for each screen to flush out and fix any potential issues up front, before development began. 

Think Wireframes

Design & Development

We built a custom POS solution for Think’s iPad stations, complete with credit card processing, till management, and receipt printing. The commerce solution integrated with their existing inventory, supply chain management, and customer databases.

“Trifecta as a company is very professional, easy to work with, and does a great job of managing expectations. I highly recommend them for their apps and services.”
Garrett BruckerChief Information Officer, Think Whole Person Healthcare


After seven weeks of quick analysis, development and testing, Think Healthcare opened their store with a fully functional POS and had a roadmap for future enhancements. Think’s teams now use one electronic health record, so that all information is in one place easily accessible by a member of their care team.