Varsity All Star

Varsity All Star, a division of Varsity Brands, Inc., is a collection of 23 brands across North America and is the premier destination for all star cheerleading competitions.

Varsity Brands

Their Goal

Varsity’s desire was to create a comprehensive cloud-based solution to consolidate 23 unique registration and payment systems to increase efficiency, productivity, employee satisfaction and ultimately, increase bottom line profit.

Customer Experience

Varsity wanted to give their customers the ability to access event information anytime, anywhere; in addition to online self-service payment options.

Inefficient Processes

Manual processes, such as email and phone calls for event management and vendors, involving hundreds of staff, was causing major operational inefficiencies. 

Varsity All Star Website
Varsity trusted Trifecta to create a custom solution that eliminated manual processes and improved overall operational efficiency.

Our Approach

Our team created the custom “All Star” event management application for use by Varsity’s 20-plus brands as a central event management system, all within Salesforce. The solution integrated with their Sales Cloud to automatically update sales opportunities and provide key reporting to management.

All Star Web Portal

We created a customer-facing web portal to allow customers, event staff, and vendors to communicate and collaborate around events. This integrated mobile solution gave access to customers and employees anytime, anywhere.

Business processes across the 20-plus Varsity All Star brands are now significantly more consistent and their brand recognition has improved due to the customer-facing portal.
Varsity All Star Tablet 2


The solution paved the way for Varsity to realize major operational efficiencies. Their team now has accurate forecasting and profit analysis from consolidating data. Customer satisfaction increased due to the mobile responsive site. And new brand acquisitions are now more easily absorbed.

“For a project of this nature, you have to have the trust and relationship. Good technical people can be very frustrating to work with, but that wasn't the case with Trifecta Technologies.”
Shannon AhernExecutive Director, E-Commerce, Varsity Brands