Varsity Camps

Varsity Camps, a division of Varsity Brands, Inc. is the largest camp operator in the world, catering to cheer and dance, with over 350,000 participants annually.

Varsity Brands

Their Challenge

Due to Varsity’s business growth, they were experiencing customer service issues with their online registration portal that desperately needed to be fixed. 

Unfocused Brand Identity

Their custom legacy system needed an advanced upgrade. They knew their existing customer-facing site was clunky, not user–friendly, and didn’t match their branding.

Inefficient Duplicate Data

Duplicate data was causing errors and they were having to manually clean their data which was inefficient and time-consuming. This was causing a high volume of requests and complaints through their support/call center which was resulting in unhappy customers.

Varsity Camps Wireframes
Varsity Camps was in need of a comprehensive structural, development and design solution. That’s when we went to work.

Our Approach

We instituted a custom Camps event management app, which allowed users to engage in the brand from anywhere at anytime. Then, we integrated another custom application with LiveAgent into their existing SalesCloud implementation. With those two issues corrected, we created a public Camps web portal using sites to allow customers and event staff to register, communicate and collaborate around their events.

Responsive Web Portal

Trifecta redesigned and rebuilt their event management tool to be a responsive, modern, and beautiful online experience.

By bringing together a completely customized solution we helped Varsity solve the challenges that were hindering their ability to serve their customers at a high level.
Varsity Camps Home Page


Our work with Varsity Camps helped them overcome major operational efficiencies due to the elimination of their manual processes, which allowed them to increase customer satisfaction with updated site functionality and live support. A single, unified solution that consolidated the Camps registration and payment systems while unifying their brand across all channels. 

Now, that’s something to cheer about.

“Trifecta places a personal touch in their engagements; our project work was a true partnership - one team working toward one goal. Their entire team’s skills and knowledge were clearly aligned with the task at hand. We are already working on our 2nd phase and chose Trifecta after an exhaustive RFP of 4 other potential partners. Recommended.”
Sean SchusterDirector of Customer Experience, Monark Premium Appliances