Varsity Colors

Varsity Fashion, a division of Varsity Brands, Inc. is the leading provider of apparel and accessories to cheer and dance teams across North America.

Varsity Brands

Their Challenge

Varsity needed to capture new market share in the apparel space and wanted to provide custom designed Varsity Fanwear apparel through online eCommerce micro-sites configured and branded by their customer teams and extended through social channels.

Product Personalization

They needed to provide the ability for customers to select customization and personalization options and view product images dynamically. 

Automate Processes

For fast scalability, Varsity needed to automate the micro-site store creation process, in addition to automating the process to apply funds back to Varsity products and services.

Varsity Colors Catalog
​Varsity needed an efficient, reliable and automated interface suitable for sales and business users, in addition to IT staff.

Our Approach

We partnered with Varsity to deploy a comprehensive solution integrated with key internal systems for pulling product data, such as item SKUs, size charts, color lists, price lists, and inventory.

Custom Salesforce Application

Trifecta’s team developed a custom, mobile responsive application that allows Varsity to design and generate team store sites on-demand, and publish them to Heroku in minutes.

​Our Salesforce experts developed a custom application for managing Varsity's master product catalog within Salesforce.​
Varsity Colors Site ConfigThe scalable solution allows Varsity sales reps to immediately create personal eCommerce fundraising stores for clients nationwide.


Varsity’s market reach has been expanded to offer custom fan and team apparel. The solutions gave Varsity a powerful fundraising platform, allowing teams to generate revenue from apparel sales.

That’s what we call a FAN-tastic win.

“This new solution will allow Varsity to reach a new, untapped market in apparel and provide a great tool for our Sales teams at the same time. Overall, Trifecta was an excellent partner for us on this project. As I learned during this project, and since, there are so many opportunities to provide valuable applications for our customers using Salesforce.”
Katherine KlunkVarsity