eCommerce - Rapid Start Program

For customers and prospects needing to launch a targeted and scalable digital storefront, Trifecta’s Rapid Start program enables you to do so quickly, at a fraction of traditional costs.

Program Information

Having an eCommerce strategy is no longer a luxury, it’s expected. Forward-thinking businesses have leveraged the disruption to our marketplace to evolve and transform their eCommerce experience and embrace omnichannel fulfillment. Trifecta is ready to help you transform your eCommerce presence to be best poised for growth. With more than 30 years of commerce success, we provide the expertise to help your company quickly launch a targeted and highly scalable Commerce solution on the Salesforce Platform. Industry-leading brands are proactive, not reactive, to the world around them. The expected long-term eCommerce shift is here to stay.

With Trifecta’s Rapid Start Commerce Program, you’ll achieve speed to market, extreme flexibility, and the ability to scale – all at manageable costs. You can also:
  • Launch in as little as 5 weeks for analysis, implementation, and consulting.
  • Includes a Salesforce Commerce Cloud storefront, configuration, and product/order imports.
  • Available add-ons include advanced analytics, ERP integration, payment integration, managed services package options, and more.
Click here to download Trifecta’s Rapid Start Data Sheet.