Delivering a unified, customer-centric experience through the effective channel management, streamlined business operations, and insights that boost sales performance.
Manufacturers today are looking for intelligent, personalized and connected engagement with employees, partners and customers. The focus has shifted from product to customer-centric priorities, and manufacturers today know they need to re-establish a relationship with their end customer. Delivering a customer-centric experience means breaking down traditional data silos and reinventing business processes so they are unified, connected, and personalized. Trifecta brings the expertise necessary to close the traditional gap in communications and data flow. We work with our clients to provide the visibility they need in their business and to standardize the synchronization of critical data between their business applications.

Launch a Scalable eCommerce Solution

eCommerce Managers are being asked to provide nimble and evolving support for organizations as they adapt to our ever-changing economy. Predictions show that the future of commerce is online; the digital side of business will only continue to grow. Business who are proactive will be best poised for stability and continuity.

Trifecta can support your business by delivering the expertise that will allow you to quickly launch a targeting, highly scalable eCommerce solution on the Salesforce Platform.

Accelerate Partner Management

Many manufacturers are at a competitive disadvantage because they’re not effectively leveraging their channel sales networks. Can you offer your partners timely lead intelligence, complete product data, and co-marketing support? If not, you’re losing potential sales opportunities. Effective Partner Relationship Management (PRM) strategies are critically important to driving increased business, loyalty, and dedication through your channel. Trifecta creates a system of engagement to unify manufacturers, channel partners, and customer data into a single platform so that you can:
  • Coordinate sales opportunities with channel partners
  • Empower partners by giving them access to pricing and product information
  • Seamlessly manage marketing, orders and eCommerce, and customer service
  • Simplify and standardize partner onboarding
Learn how Trifecta’s development of a collaborative eCommerce partner portal enabled an industry-leading electrical distributor to not only achieve a 99% partner portal adoption rate, but also double their eCommerce revenue in only six weeks.

Streamline business operations

Manufacturing companies often struggle with managing data from disparate systems, which can cause massive inefficiencies and have a negative impact on sales and service operations. By integrating back-end systems with your CRM, Trifecta can help you:
  • Extend your existing IT investments with an agile platform solution, increasing speed to value
  • Integrate front- and back-office systems to provide 360-degree visibility into your network of distributors and channel partners
  • Resolve issues quickly with instant access to critical data in a centralized location
Selling in manufacturing isn’t just a two-sided dialogue between sales reps and customers. It requires collaboration. At Sika, unprecedented growth combined with siloed departments negatively impacted their ability to scale operations. Learn about how Trifecta’s implementation of Salesforce solutions improved Sika’s overall efficiency and streamlined field service scheduling and case management.

Boost sales performance with insights

Provide on-demand business critical data and insights to your sales, service, and marketing teams, resulting in actionable insights that will drive results to new levels. Guided selling helps reps navigate the complex manufacturing sales process. Product configuration helps reps include the right services and warranties to make sure the customers are set up for success. Custom, real-time dashboards provide your team with a unique understanding of customer behaviors and interests. With intuitive tools, you can more create connected, customer-centric experiences such as:
  • Delivering intelligent and predictive service
  • Identifying significant events and triggering actions in real time
  • Creating new revenue streams with data-driven services
  • Better engaging customers through 360-degree view of their actions
Trifecta collaborated with Pelican Water Systems to effectively capture key customer data and drive more meaningful customer engagement through personalization. Pelican employees now have unprecedented visibility into customer buying habits, a more effective support team, and manageable B2B and B2C channels. Learn more about our collaboration with Pelican Water Systems.

“Trifecta places a personal touch in their engagements; our project work was a true partnership, one team working towards one goal. Their entire team’s skills and knowledge were clearly aligned with the task at hand. We are already working on our 2nd phase and chose Trifecta after an exhaustive RFP of 4 other potential partners. Recommended.”

– Sean Schuster, Director of Customer Experience, Monark Premium Appliances