HipChat's Features Make It a Great Solution for Internal Company Communications

Zack Seibert, Systems Administrator

This week, we announced that Trifecta Technologies is moving to HipChat as our platform of choice for internal communication. 

Until now, we had been using a variety of platforms and technologies to keep in touch throughout our organization, such as XMPP, Chatter, Slack, Skype, and others. We needed to consolidate, and we think HipChat is the right choice.

HipChat brings a host of our users’ most used and requested features into one platform, as well as a host of new capabilities that should make internal communication at Trifecta more efficient and beneficial for everyone on the team.

Chat features

HipChat is great for communicating with the people you work with every day, with the ability to have private one-on-one chats, as well as the ability to create ad-hoc group chats on the fly. Flexibility in group chatting is one of the features most requested by our users, and HipChat makes it easy.

Video chat is also a must-have for global teams, and HipChat makes it easy to start a video call right from the app, complete with screen sharing.

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Atlassian Integration

One of the biggest benefits of going with HipChat is its tight integration with the rest of the Atlassian suite of applications that are used at Trifecta. HipChat can alert users of a new issue in JIRA or changes to a particular page in Confluence, all within the HipChat application. In our testing, this has proven to be a huge win for productivity throughout the organization.

Outside the Atlassian integrations, there are hundreds of integrations with other apps, as well. (Yes, there’s even a GIPHY integration.)

File Sharing

A few other pain points for our users was the difficulty in file sharing and searching through past messages. While both have been available in our XMPP-based environment, it was far from easy. Now, users will be able to drag and drop files into HipChat, and not only are they shared, but they are hosted in HipChat so that no matter where you log in, whether it’s your desktop app, web client, or a mobile device, files will be easily accessible to the sender and recipients.

Same goes for message history – messages are synced between all devices, so no matter where you are logged in, you will be able to access the full conversation history.


Another major drawback to our current system has been notifications, and being able to find the person you’re looking for. With HipChat’s improved notification features, alerts can be sent to multiple devices, regardless of where a user last logged in. Emails can be sent for notifications that were missed while the user was away, and other users can @ mention someone to bring them into a conversation or group chat.

We think that HipChat will provide Trifecta with a marked improvement in collaboration and efficiency throughout all aspects of our business. Our users will now be able to interact easier with the people they work with each and every day. We’ll be able to have more open discussions about the status of issues in our support and development organizations. Most importantly, with HipChat, Trifecta will have a single source of communication internally.

Zack Seibert

Zack Seibert

Zack Seibert is a Systems Administrator at Trifecta Technologies. He puts all of the technological pieces together so that everyone at Trifecta can get their jobs done and do great work. When he’s not at the keyboard, he’s probably trying to tire out his dog, Murphy (it’s not working).

Contact Zack at  or visit his LinkedIn profile.