JIRA lets Trifecta's Zack Seibert track IT equipment - and his beer collection

Leanne Recla, Senior Communications Coordinator

Zack Seibert, a systems administrator at Trifecta Technologies, uses Atlassian’s JIRA Software a lot.

He also collects craft beer – a lot – but didn’t have an efficient way to keep track of it all.

Then, in 2014, Trifecta moved to a newly renovated, historic building in downtown Allentown. The move was a challenge for the systems admin team, which had to manage all of Trifecta’s equipment during the move.

“The real impetus to get an asset management system was the move, and how are we going to keep track of it all, make sure we didn’t miss anything,” Zack said.

Trifecta’s team already uses JIRA everyday – to track internal issues, for development, and to conduct client-facing support. So, Zack found a creative way to use JIRA as an internal asset management system that lets Trifecta easily keep tabs on all its equipment.

At the same time, Trifecta used JIRA to build a similar inventory management solution for a client – Bally Ribbon Mills. Bally designs, develops, and manufactures specialized engineered woven webbing, tapes, and specialty fabrics. Now, Bally uses Trifecta’s solution to keep track of its personal computers, server equipment, and mobile devices.

Eventually, Zack realized that the same asset management system he created to track Trifecta’s laptops and servers could be used to track porters and IPAs.

Zack is also one of Atlassian’s AllStars – a group of experts who use Atlassian products every day. After he wrote a blog post detailing his personalized beer inventory system, Atlassian reached out to him for permission to use the post on its own blog. Read more on Atlassian’s blog about Zack’s solution, including the custom fields and workflows he uses.

Leanne Recla

Leanne Recla

Leanne Recla is the Senior Communications Coordinator at Trifecta Technologies. She helps to manage Trifecta’s website and develops marketing content, along with building user manuals and training for Trifecta’s clients.