Salesforce Lightning Overview

Leah Wentz, Senior Marketing Coordinator

One of the best features of the Salesforce platform is the rate at which innovation occurs. With a release every few months, there is always something new to change how you do business.

Now, we know you are busy running your business and cannot always dive into the detail. At Trifecta, it is our responsibility to stay on top of these changes and bring you solutions to your business problems.

Salesforce Lightning is a new collection of frameworks and tools aimed at quickly building apps, integrating data, and automating processes. There are several new features under the Lightning umbrella. Today we are here to provide you with a simple break down of how each feature works.

  • Lightning Process Building - build business process automation with point and click tools. For example, automatically create an Order when an Opportunity closes.
  • Lightning Connect - incorporate data from external systems through the OData protocol without loading that data into Salesforce. For example, pull custom product details from a Microsoft database to use in the sales process.
  • Lightning Components - rather than build rigid, single purpose apps, construct components that package specific functionality. These components then provide functionality in any app where it is needed. For example, create an Order Status Inquiry component and use it in your sales app, service app and community cloud.
  • Lightning App Builder - combine standard fields, reports, charts and Lightning Components into engaging applications with drag and drop tools. For example, create an app that has a chart of top product sales by customer with a grid of recent orders. Be aware Lightning App Builder is currently in pilot status with limited availability (as of Spring ‘15).

If you want to dive into the details, Trifecta’s MVP Peter Knolle has a series of posts on the Salesforce Developers Blog.

Check out his articles to learn more about Salesforce Lightning Components.

Leah Wentz

Leah Wentz

Leah Wentz is the Senior Marketing Coordinator at Trifecta and a Salesforce Certified Administrator and Pardot Specialist. She manages Trifecta’s brand within the market and  coordinates all marketing-related events and activities. When she's not at work, Leah enjoys wine tasting with her hubby and finding new places to explore with their two dogs.

Contact Leah at or visit her LinkedIn profile.