Salesforce Spring '17 Release Highlights

Leah Williams, Senior Marketing Coordinator

Spring ‘17 is here! If you’re not up to reading the 502 page Release Notes document, we understand. We put together a list that highlights some important new features and provide you with links to resources in case you want to dig deeper.

Spring ‘17 Highlights

Use Person Accounts in Professional Edition

Store information about individuals who function like businesses. By default, Salesforce accounts are business accounts, which store information about companies. But if you work directly with consumers, you need your accounts to store information about individual people – details like first and last names. That’s what person accounts do. 

Person accounts must be enabled by Salesforce. After they’re enabled, they can’t be disabled.

Create Indirect Relationships Between Person Accounts and Contacts

Add the Related Contacts list to the person account page layout. A related contact on a Person Account can be a business contact or another person account.

Search Enhancements

Search for contacts faster by searching on first or last name, both and the account name. Direct and indirect account relationships to the contacts will be returned that match the search criteria. You can also search for Calendar Events, Quotes and Tasks.

Sales Cloud Einstein: A Smarter Sales Process at Every Step Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Sales Cloud Einstein

Available for an additional fee.

Automatically Add Emails and Events to Salesforce with Automated Activity Capture for Einstein

Say good-bye to logging. Say hello to smarter selling. With Automated Activity Capture, Einstein users can connect their email and calendar to Salesforce. Then, their emails and events are automatically added to related Salesforce records and used by Einstein to generate insights. 

Aac Activity Timeline Flow

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Web-to-Lead: reCAPTCHA Web Form Validation 


Frustrate spammers and improve the quality of your sales teams’ leads with the reCAPTCHA widget. This widget requires interested customers to select a checkbox before they can submit an inquiry about your product or service. Enabling spam filtering lets sales reps focus on actual prospects, and not on spam leads.

Email Files as Attachments or Links: You Decide 

Control email size by setting size limits on attachments or allowing only links to files. New settings let you choose the most efficient methods to improve deliverability.

Automatically Assign Cases to Queues When Customers Submit Cases via Email-to-Case

Automatically assign cases to support queues when customers submit cases using Email-to-Case, so that service agents can quickly triage and respond to new cases. 

Email To Case Reroute

When you configure an Email-to-Case routing address, select a queue to assign cases to. When you assign cases to a user or queue via the routing address, your selection overrides the default case owner that’s specified on the Support Settings page.

Snap-ins for Web: Bring the Power of Service Cloud Components to Your Website

Customize the pre-chat form based on your company’s needs. Customize the colors and font to reflect your company’s branding used in the chat widget.

Snap Ins

Field Service Lightning iOS: Technicians, Rejoice! Here’s Your All-In-One Mobile Solution

Take your field service operation to the next level with the Field Service Lightning iOS mobile app. Technicians can harness the wealth of data, scheduling and automation tools, and customizability of your Salesforce org to get work done quickly from anywhere. 

Fsli Osapp Hero

And the app’s offline-first design means that technicians can always do their job, even without internet access. More productive technicians means happier customers!

This all-in-one field service solution empowers technicians to:

  • Prominently display key fields with layouts.
  • Empower users with quick actions.
  • Provide Salesforce Knowledge articles to technicians.
  • Capture signatures from customers for completed work.
  • Communicate with partners and customers using Chatter.
  • Keep tabs on service resources with resource geolocation tracking.
  • Set the calendar range of the work schedule.
  • Brand the app with company colors.

The app will be available from the Apple App Store the week of 2/13/17.

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Omni-Channel Routing for Chats is Generally Available

Route Live Agent chats with Omni-Channel to prioritize and size chats alongside other work and take advantage of Omni-Channel’s powerful routing system. This chance applies to Salesforce Classic only.

Instead of using Skills to route chats to the best-fit agents, select Omni as your button’s routing type and use your Omni-Channel queues instead. With Omni-Channel routing, your chats are prioritized relative to each other and to your other channels. Plus, you can change the size and priority of your chats by updating the routing configuration settings for your chat queues.

And there’s even more to love with Omni-Channel for chats, including consolidated notifications for chat agents, more reporting options using Agent Work, and Omni-Channel Supervisor for chat supervisors.

Compare Live Agent and Omni-Channel Routing for Chats

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Still want to check out the full Release Notes? 

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Leah Williams

Leah Williams

Leah Williams is the Senior Marketing Coordinator at Trifecta and a Salesforce Certified Administrator. She manages Trifecta’s brand within the market and works closely with the sales team to refine strategies, along with coordinating all marketing-related events and activities.

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