Salesforce Winter '18 Release Highlights

Leah Wentz, Senior Marketing Coordinator

The Winter ‘18 Release empowers you and your teams to work faster and smarter, with expanded Lightning productivity benefits and Einstein intelligence.

Winter ‘18 Highlights

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Sales Cloud

  1. Enhanced Lead Convert in Lightning Experience - With a streamlined one-click conversion flow and pre-populated account and opportunity records, the Enhanced Lead Convert is better than ever. Plus, now you can select record types, attach leads to existing opportunities, and even see contact matches, and see matching account details right in one screen. Learn More
  2. Enterprise Territory Management in Lightning Experience - With Winter ‘18, users in the Lightning Experience can see the Assigned Territories related list on account, and easily map opportunities to territories with the Territory field. Plus, it’s easier than ever for admins to set up. Learn More
  3. Lightning Dialer: Local Presence - Make it easier than ever for your outbound-calling reps to connect with customers and prospects. With Lightning Dialer Local Presence, the phone number that shows up on a recipient’s caller ID will be coming from a local number, which means they’re XX% more likely to pick up the phone. And that means more connects and higher conversion rates.
  4. Einstein: Opportunity Scoring (Pilot) - Winter ‘18 brings a new level of intelligence, productivity, and focus to the sales process. With Einstein Opportunity Scoring, sales reps can quickly and easily see which opportunities are the real “big deals,” and which opportunities may not be as valuable to the business. Prioritizing time and focus during the sales cycle has never been easier or more efficient.
  5. Einstein: Activity Capture for Exchange - Customers who use Exchange 2013 and 2016 can connect their email accounts to Einstein Activity Capture to automatically log every customer communication to Salesforce. Give reps more time in their day by eliminating manual logging. And fuel the Einstein AI algorithms with a rich stream of sales activity data. Learn More

Service Cloud

  1. Macros in Lightning Experience - Equip agents with Macros to resolve issues faster. Agents can quickly perform multiple actions in a single click, saving time, and ensuring consistency and accuracy. New in Lightning Experience, the Macro Builder can be leveraged to quickly and easily create new macros to handle those pesky, repetitive tasks. Learn More
  2. Omni-Channel Routing & Supervisor in Lightning Experience - Companies can deliver smarter service by automatically routing work to the right agent, at the right time. And because Omni-channel is embedded right within the Console, agents have an in-context, seamless view of the customer across all channels. Even route work from third-party systems. Plus, managers are empowered with automatic, live updated on agents, work and queues with Omni Supervisor. Learn More
  3. Live Message Outbound Conversations for Facebook Messenger -
    Messaging companies is as now as simple as messaging friends with LiveMessage. With the messaging channel in your contact center, your agents can easily initiate outbound conversations with customers on Facebook Messenger. Use workflow and triggers to send automated messages to make it easy for customers to reply on their terms.
  4. Field Service Lightning: Advanced Scheduling - Streamline complex field work with the automatic scheduling and optimization engine for multi-day work. Simply drag and drop to adjust the times needed, or define geographical area, and schedule and dispatch work in bulk.
  5. Field Service Lightning: Multi-signature Service Reports - Now, mobile workers can easily capture multiple signatures from key stakeholders and view them in a single service report. Ensure every job is completed correctly the first time with sign-off from all those involved. Learn More

Platform Services

  1. Salesforce DX - Explore collection of products and services that bring modern software delivery practices to developers on the Salesforce Platform. Whether you’re an individual developer or working as part of a large team, Salesforce DX provides you with an integrated, end-to-end lifecycle designed for high-performance agile development. And best of all, Salesforce built it to be open and flexible, so you can build together with tools and practices you know and love. Learn More
  2. Salesforce IoT Explorer - Built natively on the Salesforce Platform, Salesforce IoT Explorer lets you use the data generated by devices to create new experiences, business models, and revenue streams. Connected devices generate data that can create sales, service, and marketing opportunities. Real-time interactions can create a new type of engaged experience.
  3. Big Objects and Async SOQL - Now you can store and query massive volumes of data directly within the Salesforce Platform. Big Objects make it possible to keep billions of records on the Salesforce Platform, orders of magnitude larger than what was previously possible. Async SOQL allows you to combine Big Objects data with your core CRM and Platform business data. Learn More
  4. Heroku Connect Enhancements - Heroku Connect is a cloud-based data synchronization service, where service performance is tied to geographic location. With the addition of four additional geo regions, Heroku Connect now helps improve speed and performance for customers in six regions across the globe.
  5. Shield Enhancements - Now you can add another layer of security to PII in Leads, Accounts and Contacts; and you can now encrypt data posted on your Chatter feed. You can also access encrypted data with Flows and Process Builder. And lastly, you can track encryption key management usage in Event Monitoring logs to help meet auditing, compliance, and security requirements. Learn More

Platform: Einstein Analytics

  1. New Story Recommendations and Visualizations - Drive smarter insights and impress with new story visualizations in Einstein Discovery. Einstein now automatically suggests improvements to your data model so you can surface the best answers, explanations and recommendations. View your insights in a story generated in just one-click, and with the new Story Timeline feature, you can clearly see how your business will change over time allowing you to work smarter. Learn More
  2. New Connectors and Smart Data Prep - You can easily integrate data not only from Salesforce, but also from third-party web-based stores, all without having to write a single line of code. Learn More
  3. SDK with Encryption at Rest - Now you can extend Einstein Analytics to every part of your business. The SDK ensures that apps are easy to create, and provides a seamless integration between Analytics and Learn More
  4. Mobile Notifications - Be productive on the go with notifications now pushed to your Analytics mobile app. Stay on target with goals and monitor how your business is tracking with the same benchmarks you set in the desktop now synced directly to your mobile device.

Platform: Community

  1. CMS Connect - Get more from your existing CMS. Whether you use Adobe Experience Manager, WordPress, SiteCore, Drupal, or SDL Tridion, you can bring CMS content into your community. Reuse headers, footers, banners, and blogs to create a seamless experience. Dynamically render your components, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript on community pages for consistent branding, authentication, and ease of maintenance. Learn More
  2. Dynamic Themes - Create personalized experiences for every user. Using CRM data, you can target different audiences with unique content. You can also tailor the branding, theme, and content of a community space for a specific visitor. Learn More

Platform: Lightning

  1. New Components - Winter ‘18 is a major release of Lightning components for the Salesforce developer and admin community. There are over 25 new components for use by developers and admins to accelerate app development and customization. Learn More
  2. Testing Service - Now you can conduct unit tests on your Lightning components to understand their performance and downstream impacts. Learn More
  3. Dynamic Pages - Admins can declaratively build better experiences with more control over what end users see. Use component properties to make a component appear or disappear depending on workflow or related values. Learn More
  4. Experience Enhancements - Lightning is easier to read, with clear hierarchies between text box headers, body and buttons. It’s easier to see, with more compact design that allows for greater density and more efficiency when you work. And, it has higher contract and depth between elements, making it easy to see and interact with components and their constituent parts. Learn More
  5. Custom Page Templates - Go beyond the templates Salesforce provides for home pages, record pages, and console apps. Developers can create any custom Lightning page template they need, so you can provide your team with any page layout they need to succeed in Lightning Experience. Learn More


  1. Einstein Search Dictionaries (BETA) - Consumes all site searches and surfaces terms that are being searched for but are not in retailer’s dictionaries. Then algorithms analyze data across the entire ecosystem of Commerce Cloud sites to detect relationships between search terms and recommend which synonym list to assign them. Learn More
  2. SEO Enhancements - Commerce Cloud Digital provides merchants with the tools they need to create informative, relevant, keyword-rich pages that boost search engine results. Newly enhanced out-of-the-box tools make it easy to incorporate SEO best practices into site design to help search engines crawl and index sites for more favorable page rank.
  3. Service Anywhere APIs - Pull Order Management data and share it with Digital and Store, enabling customer service reps to order on behalf of, or modify a shopper’s basket. The APIs also power self-service returns/exchanges, buy online return in store and more - allowing merchants to offer customer service options throughout the shopper journey.
  4. New Catalog Module - Simplifies how merchants build and edit categories on their website using drag and drop tools and product thumbnail images. Search and date-range filters allow merchants to identify available products and view category pages in past or future states. A pop-up menu also helps merchants organize products by color, size, and more.

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Leah Wentz

Leah Wentz

Leah Wentz is the Senior Marketing Coordinator at Trifecta and a Salesforce Certified Administrator and Pardot Specialist. She manages Trifecta’s brand within the market and  coordinates all marketing-related events and activities. When she's not at work, Leah enjoys wine tasting with her hubby and finding new places to explore with their two dogs.

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