Celebrating our 25th Anniversary with a Redesign of Trifecta.com

Leah Williams, Senior Marketing Coordinator

In its 25 years of business, Trifecta Technologies has designed and developed hundreds of websites for its clients.

This year, to mark a quarter-century in business, we decided it was time for an update of our own - a complete branding refresh, starting with our newly redesigned, customer-facing website.

Like most companies, we’re constantly evolving with our industry. What worked two years ago is most likely considered out-of-date today, and this was true of our website and messaging. 

Our approach to the new site focused on one important factor: simplifying our story, so anyone who visits the site immediately understands what we do. 

Bound to our staff’s schedules and client projects, we split the website launch into two phases. This is our first phase. The most important information made it into this round, and our second phase will roll out more detailed content. 

The new look and feel you’re seeing today is meant to be simple, clean and to-the-point.

Take a look around and tell us what you think by emailing leah.williams@trifecta.com.

Leah Williams

Leah Williams

Leah Williams is the Senior Marketing Coordinator at Trifecta and a Salesforce Certified Administrator. She manages Trifecta’s brand within the market and works closely with the sales team to refine strategies, along with coordinating all marketing-related events and activities.

Contact Leah at or visit her LinkedIn profile.