Trifecta Technologies Receives Gold Addy Award for Social Media Campaign

Leah Williams, Senior Marketing Coordinator

On Friday evening, March 3rd, The AAF/Greater Lehigh Valley Ad Club hosted its annual American Advertising Awards at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Allentown. The show honors creative excellence in all forms of advertising from media of all types. 

Of the seventeen Golds awarded, Trifecta was honored to receive one in the category of Online/Interactive, social media campaign for its Extinction Proof Tech video campaign. It features T-Rex Dinosaurs as they try and blend into various modern day work situations and find that they don’t mix well with current technology. 

Addy Award Social Small

The idea behind the dinosaurs started as a simple Halloween message for Trifecta’s social media followers, reminding them to not let technology ‘scare’ them. The marketing team realized the irony of a technology company promoting dinosaurs in the work place, which is when the #extinctionprooftech campaign came to fruition. Most companies have experienced out-dated technology and slow business processes at some point. Trifecta decided on the dinosaurs to serve as a metaphor for old technology still present in the workplace. The campaign’s tag line serves as a friendly reminder that, “Businesses won’t run on extinct technology.”

The campaign was produced by Leah Williams, Leanne Recla, Jason Kilp and William Childs. 

The dinosaurs were played by Jim Hutchings, Steve Falcone, Mike DiPietro and Taylor Ryan. 

View all the videos from the award-winning campaign here:

Extinction Proof Tech Campaign

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Leah Williams

Leah Williams

Leah Williams is the Senior Marketing Coordinator at Trifecta and a Salesforce Certified Administrator. She manages Trifecta’s brand within the market and works closely with the sales team to refine strategies, along with coordinating all marketing-related events and activities.

Contact Leah at or visit her LinkedIn profile.