Trifecta Technologies Shares CRM Advice with Network Magazine Readers

Leanne Recla, Senior Communications Coordinator

Trifecta Technologies is proud to have contributed an article to the Summer 2016 issue of Network Magazine, a quarterly publication for business leaders in the Lehigh Valley.

Peter Knolle, the article’s author and Salesforce MVP at Trifecta, shared his thoughts on the evolution of CRM and where he believes the industry is headed. Customer relationship management has evolved into robust, feature-rich software that gathers and stores information about customers, allowing businesses to deliver a more personal experience with each interaction.

In the future, CRM products will continue to improve in ways that empower their users to make intelligent, data-based decisions and connect with their customers in entirely new ways. 

Peter also offered some tips for businesses that are considering the switch to a cloud-based CRM:

  • Pick a cheerleader – Identify who will be the champions for the new system at your company, because these everyday users will support the change.
  • Investigate your data and workflows – Think about your current pain points and missing functionality, because moving to a new system is a great time to improve your processes.
  • Find a partner – While you’re considering a CRM, be sure to choose an implementation partner with all the skills and experience that your business requires. Your partner should care about your company’s success and take the time to fully learn about your business. The difference between having a good, knowledgeable, and available partner and one that is not can make all the difference.

To read Trifecta’s full article, along with more than a dozen additional business-focused pieces, visit Network Magazine’s website at

Leanne Recla

Leanne Recla

Leanne Recla is the Senior Communications Coordinator at Trifecta Technologies. She helps to manage Trifecta’s website and develops marketing content, along with building user manuals and training for Trifecta’s clients.