Trifecta Technologies Welcomes Director of Marketing and Communications

Leanne Recla, Senior Communications Coordinator

Trifecta Technologies, Inc., is proud to announce the addition of William Childs as its new director of marketing and communications.

Childs previously led a team of designers as the creative director of The Media Arts Group, the in-house agency at The Morning Call newspaper in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

“I’m thrilled to be able to bring my 30-plus years of marketing and communications experience to the Trifecta team,” Childs said. “This is an amazing company doing cutting-edge work and I’m excited about the opportunities that this new position holds.”

Trifecta, based in Allentown, has been at the forefront of emerging technologies throughout its 25-year history. With the addition of Childs, Trifecta continues to grow into new markets and find more opportunities to serve its clients.

About Trifecta Technologies

In the past quarter-century, Trifecta has served as a trusted technology partner to its clients, building solutions that improve employee productivity, creating engaging customer experiences, and demonstrating tangible ROI. Along with deep and engaging software solutions, Trifecta offers UI/UX design services, consultation with a team of technical experts and consultants, managed IT services, and training and support for its custom work.

MEDIA CONTACT: Leanne Recla, senior communications coordinator,

Leanne Recla

Leanne Recla

Leanne Recla is the Senior Communications Coordinator at Trifecta Technologies. She helps to manage Trifecta’s website and develops marketing content, along with building user manuals and training for Trifecta’s clients.