Web Design & Mobile Apps

We craft polished, intuitive web and mobile app designs that our top–notch developers bring to life with nimble and immaculate code.

Mobile Apps

There’s nothing more personal to your brand than having your own mobile app. Whether you are providing a game, productivity suite, online shopping, or any other type of service, we can help bring your business to life. Our mobile experts will work with you to create apps that work seamlessly within the iOS, Android and Web platforms.

Mobile App Design Examples

Information Architecture

Based on research from our discovery process, we plan the best way to organize, structure, and express your project’s content so that users feel comfortable navigating and accessing information. Well thought–out IA means your customers are more likely to continue using your products in the future.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Wireframing is used to bridge the gap between information architecture and visual design. We create a “blueprint” for your project to determine the functionality of each screen and how a customer will interact with it. Prototypes are interactive products which test the effectiveness of the interface in a live setting, allowing corrections to be made early in the process.

A Trifecta designer working on a user interface design

Interface Design

User Interface (UI) design takes the knowledge gained from IA, wireframing and prototyping, and applies your brand’s specific look and feel. When a customer interacts with your website or mobile app, you want to leave them with a lasting impression. Trifecta’s design team will ensure that your project not only extends your brand, but enhances it.

“The Trifecta team was amazing to work with! They helped us take our processes to a new level of efficiency and accountability. We are looking forward to continued enhancements of this project with Trifecta.”
Tammy PilgreenVP, Operational Strategy, Varsity Brands

Responsive Web Design

Customers use a variety of devices to view your website. It is no longer enough to have a website that works only on a computer, it must be accessible on mobile phones, tablets, and all future devices as well. Responsive web design accomplishes this by creating a single cohesive experience that adapts to each device it is displayed on, without sacrificing usability.

CMS Integration

Updating your website should be a pleasure, not a pain. We work with modern, accessible content management systems, like Craft CMS, to make sure that maintaining your website is easy, intuitive and even fun. Integrating your site with most third-party applications allows your voice to be spread across the globe, and our experts are ready to help.