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At Trifecta Technologies, we do more than just configure IT solutions. We provide true business solutions, conceived through a comprehensive discovery process, and made real by our team of hyper-talented business and technology experts.

Whether it’s a Salesforce implementation, a standalone app or an enterprise-class integration project, we make sure that the solutions we provide are the right ones to drive your business forward. It’s never technology for technology’s sake; it’s technology for business’ sake.


Strategic Consulting

Lots of companies can develop an app. Trifecta is one of the few that can help you develop a strategic technology roadmap, then assist you in deploying the right technology and solutions to meet your goals.

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Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce is an amazing tool. Deploy it right, and it can fundamentally improve your business. Our team of Salesforce experts can help you extract maximum value from your investment.

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Application Development

Trifecta designs and develops feature-rich, fully integrated web- and Salesforce-based solutions for both internal and customer-facing business needs. Whatever your need, we can meet it.

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Enterprise Integration

Few factors hurt business efficiency and agility more than siloed information. We understand that — and that’s why we’ve developed a best-in-class enterprise integration team. Whether we’re creating a custom integration, deploying industry-leading middleware or using Salesforce tools, we can get your systems to talk to one another.

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Mobile Application Development

Today’s connected world is driven by mobile “micro-moments”: quick interactions that demand even quicker payoff. In mobile, if you’re not winning the micro-moment, you’re left behind. That’s why Trifecta develops native mobile apps and mobile web solutions that help you extend your brand, increase productivity and improve the customer experience.

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Even the best application or integration can’t fulfill its full potential without proper post-launch touchpoints. Trifecta provides a wide variety of training, enablement and support options, ensuring that our work provides value both today and well into the future.

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