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We value our customers as partners. We aim to provide a long-standing relationship of innovation, continuous improvement, and beautiful results.

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C.F. Martin & Co
C.F. Martin & Co
Deliver sales and commerce clouds to increase efficiency and dealer satisfaction.
Redesign your Business Practices with Managed Salesforce Services
Trifecta has been providing Managed Services for Knoll since 2016, enhancing their Salesforce platform to optimize business operations.
Gemline® is a premier manufacturer and supplier of high-quality promotional goods, such as writing instruments, bags, business accessories, drinkware, and food and lifestyle gift items.
Keep Communications and Service Progress Visible with Salesforce Field Service
Trifecta worked with PenTeleData to remove their labor-intensive manual business processes.
Varsity Brands
Deliver a Choreographed Customer Experience for all of Varsity’s Brands.
Boss Audio
Turning the Volume Up on this Commerce Experience
Trifecta implemented a Salesforce B2B Commerce storefront to provide growth and scaling for increased demand.
Keep Your Salesforce Instance Healthy with Managed Services
Trifecta provided a Managed Services solution to assist in the optimization of their existing Salesforce environment.
Delivering Easily Accessible Online Classes
MyComputerCareer embarked on increasing the flexibility and scalability of their class offerings quickly with Trifecta’s B2B Commerce Rapid Start.
Chemistry Rx
Prescribe Automation and Visibility to Strengthen Your Sales Cycle
Trifecta developed a solution on Salesforce that increased sales efficiency and reduced administration time.
Carlos Bakery
Carlos Bakery
Carlo’s Bake Shop is perhaps best known for being featured on the TLC Show Cake Boss.
Character Based Entertainment Company
Smash Interdepartmental Silos with Sales Cloud
Trifecta worked with the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment company to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud, which has increased their data quality and streamlined their business operations.
Wisconsin Lighting Lab
Let your Products Shine with Commerce Cloud
Wisconsin Lighting Lab’s new eCommerce site creates a single source of truth, unifying the company’s product brands, and successfully creating a user-friendly solution for navigating their robust catalog of products with complex configuration options.
Create an Indispensable B2B Commerce Site
Trifecta’s team launched AMMEX’s eCommerce solution within 10 weeks, not only providing a scalable platform to support future AMMEX online sales growth but also increasing customer adoption by 30% and increasing productivity among their sales reps.
Herff Jones
Herff Jones
Leveraging Salesforce to innovate graduation and recognition products and services, designed to inspire student achievement.
Think Whole Person Healthcare
Curing eCommerce Struggles with a Point-of-Sale App
Think Whole Person Healthcare’s new point-of-sale application rounded out a comprehensive eCommerce solution on their Salesforce platform.
Toll Brothers
Build Efficiencies through Automation
Trifecta helped Toll Brothers effectively automate repetitive, manual tasks through a custom application on the Salesforce platform.
Engineer an Efficient and Seamless Commerce Experience
HAAG Global’s new eCommerce instance delivers a complex business model with a single source of truth.
Crystal Clear Insights with Sales and Service Clouds
Pentair’s new point-of-sale application rounded out a comprehensive eCommerce solution on their Salesforce platform.
Great Basin Scientific
Diagnose your eCommerce Deficiencies
Great Basin Scientific looked to Trifecta for help when they were ready to grow, but had an outdated ordering process that was not ready to scale.
Build a Scalable Salesforce Platform That Encourages Growth
Trex engaged Trifecta’s Health Check to pinpoint areas of their Salesforce ecosystem that could prove to be troublesome in the future, especially in the face of rapid business growth
Electrical Distributor
Amp Up Channel Partners in Collaborative eCommerce Portal
Learn how this major electrical distributor leveraged the power of Salesforce Community Cloud, resulting in a 99% partner adoption rate and a significant uptick in sales, reaching record heights.
Gabrielli Truck Sales
Overhaul Data Management with Sales Cloud
Gabrielli Truck Sales leveraged the Salesforce Platform to create a central repository for customer information, targeting increased responsiveness and productivity of their sales team.
Lumber Manufacturer
Enabling Growth Through Integrated Solutions
This lumber manufacturer’s new eCommerce solution enhances and streamlines their customer experience through complex integrations, robust product information, intuitive process flows and user interface, and custom logic.
Design your Business with Customer Experience in Mind
Trifecta developed a custom solution on the Salesforce Platform using Threekit VR and AR technology to showcase the configurations available across Teknion’s line of products.
Star Milling
Nourish User Adoption of your eCommerce Platform
Star Milling’s new eCommerce solution, which launched in only eight weeks, is targeting increased user adoption among their 200+ distribution partners.
Reinforce Customer Relationships with Service Cloud
Trifecta assisted Sika in transforming their service experience from outdated to automated, increasing customer insights and expediting case management.
Phillips Pet Food & Supplies
Unleash Salesforce Service Cloud to Improve Your Processes
Phillips Pet Food & Supplies aimed to increase collaboration across departments and reclaim time spent on manual tasks through Salesforce Service Cloud with Trifecta’s help.

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