At Trifecta Technologies, you won’t just build software, you’ll build a career and lasting relationships. You will be part of a valued team known for our technological expertise, community service, and inclusive workplace culture.

“I am a firm believer that great companies are built around great people.”

Doug Pelletier, President & CEO

Working at Trifecta

At Trifecta, we pride ourselves on being a trusted advisor to our clients. We accomplish this through frequent, honest, and down-to-earth communication, and a relentless dedication to service and success. Working here means working with some of the biggest and best companies in the world: Walt Disney Resorts, Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Kline, Starwood Resorts and Hotels, to name a few. It also means working in a supportive and diverse workplace culture, surrounded by experts in the technological field.

Thriving Culture

We only succeed when our employees succeed. So, we offer our staff the resources, technology, and support they need daily for professional growth. Our comprehensive onboarding process and ongoing mentorship and skill development ensures you will always have challenging and rewarding work. And when the work day is done, we love to have fun!

With our staff primarily working from home, we’ve been working hard to keep everyone connected. Our internal communication app helps with a “Parental Support” channel for Trifecta parents to support each other as they navigate teaching and working from home, a “Customer Success” channel to celebrate Trifecta wins, and a “Water Cooler” channel for socialization. We also host virtual happy hours, family game nights, and “all hands” meetings to maintain a desirable culture that transcends physical location.

Expert Team

We’re a curious team of innovators from all across the globe. We strive to maximize diversity on our team because we understand that our unique experiences and perspective drive smarter business. Our team members have passion for life-long learning and strive to be experts in their fields. Trifecta staff have been selected as keynote speakers at technology conferences and events, collectively earned hundreds of certifications for their development skills, and have been inducted into the Salesforce Hall of Fame for their expertise.

Workplace Flexibility

Trifecta is consistently recognized for being a great place to work. While that designation has a lot to do with our workplace culture and the satisfaction of our staff, it doesn’t hurt that local employees have the opportunity to work from an award-winning office building. Our downtown Allentown office is an adaptive reuse of a turn-of-the-century industrial building, and it is open for any employee who wishes to work and collaborate in a more traditional workspace.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Trifecta has embraced the idea of remote working. Regardless of their physical location, all Trifecta staff have the option to work from home. Although we miss working together in our office, Trifecta fully supports telecommuting and ensures our staff has the tools they need to thrive in this work-from-home culture. We have delivered office chairs to our employees’ homes to keep them comfortable, shipped them second computer monitors to keep them productive, and assisted them in troubleshooting home IT issues to keep them sane! We even offer our work-from-home employees an annual stipend to help them keep their home offices a comfortable, effective, and productive place for them to work.

Diversity at Trifecta

Our Values, in Action

An inherent part of staying true to our values is developing a diverse team with a united mission. Through this, we achieve a workplace culture that is creative and fuels innovation.

To demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion, Trifecta has joined the Salesforce Talent Alliance. This initiative requires a pledge by all members to implement inclusive hiring practices, as well as a commitment to mentoring and training new hires, with a specific emphasis on underrepresented groups in technology.

Benefits at Trifecta

We want you to grow

In order to grow as a company, we believe it is essential to invest in the growth of our employees as individuals. We ensure equal opportunities for career advancement for our staff. Some of the ways we support our team in their growth is by assisting with funding for specific, skill-oriented certifications and allowing flexible schedules for continued education.

We compensate you regularly

We regularly assess our level of monetary compensation and benefit packages to remain competitive in our industry. Our leadership ensures that our staff is paid fairly, based on their skills and performance, and that our benefits have value to our employees and their families.

We care about family

Work is important, but so is family. We trust our employees, so we are ultra-flexible in accommodating non-traditional or unique work schedules that may be necessary to accommodate your children’s school schedules, attending a child’s extra-curricular event, or caring for elderly parents.

We accept you

Creating a diverse and inclusive environment is of utmost importance to us. We place a high priority on ensuring we are accommodate your unique needs. As a company with employees across the United States, we have developed enterprise-wide and location-based policies to help our employees feel accepted.

We help you plan

It’s our hope that our employees grow with Trifecta for the entirety of their careers. To help them plan for the future, we offer a 401K with Traditional and Roth options, as well as a matching contribution after a qualifying period.

We care about your health...

We believe in doing everything we can to ensure our employees and their families lead healthy, productive lives. We offer comprehensive healthcare plans, with several options for coverage levels, to meet the diverse needs of our staff.

...and your wellness

When our employees are happy and healthy, they perform their best. That’s why we have instituted a wellness program at Trifecta that encourages healthy practices by our staff. Some of the benefits in this program include reimbursements for gym memberships, condition management services for chronic health concerns, and an employee assistance program for coping with stressful life events.

We are fun

Who says you can’t work hard and have fun? At Trifecta, we like to balance the hard work we put in every week with some fun – whether it’s a virtual family game night, a happy hour at the end of a long week, or heading out on the town to an event at the PPL Center.