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Stay on top of evolving retail technology solutions to connect with customers.

Empower Your Retail & Consumer Goods Business with Salesforce Solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of retail and consumer goods, staying ahead means more than just keeping up with trends—it means exceeding customer expectations at every turn. Welcome to the realm of Salesforce, where innovation meets seamless customer engagement, and Trifecta stands as your trusted partner for navigating this dynamic terrain. 

Today’s retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies face the challenge of optimizing sales productivity while fostering deeper connections with customers across diverse channels. The digital transformation has empowered customers like never before, reshaping the retail landscape and demanding a proactive approach from businesses. 

With a rich history spanning over 30 years in delivering successful solutions to retailers, Trifecta is uniquely positioned to guide you through this journey of digital transformation. Our expertise lies in crafting robust, cloud-based solutions that leverage the power of the Salesforce platform, ensuring your business stays agile, competitive, and customer-centric. 

Unlock Seamless Customer Interactions Across Every Channel.

At Trifecta, we believe that in order to truly understand and connect with your customers, it is essential to have a comprehensive and holistic view of their interactions with your business. This 360-degree view allows you to see the complete picture of each customer’s journey, from their initial contact with your brand to their ongoing interactions with your sales, service, marketing, and commerce teams. 

Our approach focuses on integrating all relevant back-office data, such as customer purchase history, preferences, and feedback, in order to unlock valuable insights that can drive personalized engagement strategies. By analyzing this data, we can identify patterns, trends, and opportunities to tailor our interactions with customers to meet their specific needs and preferences. 


Transform and Personalize the Buying Experience 

Trifecta offers a comprehensive suite of integrated commerce solutions that are designed to streamline the customer buying experience. Our platform connects your customer service representatives, sales teams, and customers seamlessly, allowing for a more cohesive and efficient sales process. By integrating commerce across every channel, including online, mobile, and in-store, we enable your business to engage with customers in a more personalized and effective way. 

With Trifecta, you can track customer interactions and preferences across all touchpoints, allowing you to tailor your marketing and sales strategies to better meet their needs. This level of insight and connectivity helps to boost customer engagement and loyalty, ultimately driving sales and revenue growth for your business. 

Why Choose Salesforce for Retail Technology Solutions? 

Salesforce stands as the unrivaled champion in facilitating the digital transformation of retail and consumer goods companies, thanks to the formidable power of its connected clouds. Unlike fragmented solutions that entail cumbersome integrations, Salesforce offers native integration between its clouds, providing a seamless ecosystem that streamlines operations and enhances efficiency.  

This interconnectedness enables retailers to harness the collective strength of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and more, all working in perfect harmony. With Salesforce, businesses can bid farewell to the complexities of managing multiple point solutions and embrace a unified platform that fosters agility, innovation, and unparalleled customer experiences. 


Trifecta: Your Trusted Salesforce Services Partner

What truly sets Trifecta apart is our commitment to delivering unparalleled service and expertise. Just ask Sean Schuster, Director of Customer Experience at Monark Premium Appliances, who had this to say about our partnership: 

In a landscape defined by rapid change and evolving customer expectations, Trifecta empowers your retail and consumer goods business to thrive. Partner with us today, and let’s embark on a journey of innovation, growth, and unparalleled customer experiences. 

Trifecta places a personal touch in their engagements; our project work was a true partnership, one team working towards one goal. Their entire team’s skills and knowledge were clearly aligned with the task at hand. We are already working on our 2nd phase and chose Trifecta after an exhaustive RFP of 4 other potential partners. Recommended.
Sean Schuster
Director of Customer Experience, Monark Premium Appliances

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