eCommerce Solutions

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How We Work

Trifecta Technologies maintains a long history of successful eCommerce launches by employing:


  • A reusable, asset-based solution called Store-in-a-Box that is pre-customized and pre-integrated using industry best practices
  • Our domain knowledge of WebSphere Commerce to tailor our solution to your specific business needs, ensuring your investment is optimized
  • A unique, proven, iterative project methodology that ensures project success

The Smart Way to Deploy eCommerce:

Trifecta Technologies’ award-winning
Store-in-a-Box is the fastest, most flexible,
most cost-effective way to deploy
IBM WebSphere Commerce.®

Trifecta Technologies’ project methodology is specially tailored to reduce costs, shorten your time to market and improve the quality of your eCommerce site launch.

With an outstanding record of proven success of being on time, on budget and on scope, Trifecta develops eCommerce sites for leading brands with a variety of business models.

  • Existing and new online retailers
  • Businesses who sell to other businesses
  • Manufacturers looking to sell direct to consumer

Trifecta’s Store-in-a-Box provides everything needed to create a dynamic and compelling online buying experience on a secure, robust and scalable platform. This solution, combined with our unique implementation methodology and consultative approach eliminates the risk in deploying complex eCommerce sites. As a result, clients enjoy faster time to market, lower cost of deployment and higher quality results—over traditional development methods.

One Solution—Many Channels

Store-in-a-Box is designed to be deployed across multiple channels—maximizing your investment. Combined with the unique capabilities of each channel, this minimizes the cost and time to deploy.
IBM Premier Business Partner-Smarter Commerce

  • Websites
  • Kiosk / Gift Registry
  • iPad / Tablet
  • Smart phone
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Customer Service Center

All Delivered On Time. On Budget. On Scope.

Contact us to find out how Trifecta can help you succeed with your next eCommerce initiative.