Trifecta Technologies utilizes Logik.io for its advanced configuration capabilities that fill in gaps for Salesforce CPQ and Commerce and make complex product quoting simpler. 

What is Logik.io?

Logik.io is a platform that allows customers to seamlessly add advanced configuration capabilities to their CPQ quoting process and Commerce experiences.  

Why we use Logik.io

Logik.io makes it easy to set up advanced product configurations that are not possible with out-of-the-box, or even heavily customized, Salesforce CPQ or Commerce. Through a series of configurations, complex product rules and layouts can be configured to make quoting of bundled products simpler to maintain and easier for sales reps to use.  A Lightning Component for Salesforce Commerce on Core makes it possible to easily bring in complex configurations to Commerce. Additionally, Logik.io provides an API that allows its engine to be accessed in any customized way, allowing for maximum flexibility.