Trifecta Technologies uses MapAnything whenever a client needs a visual map representation of their data.

What is MapAnything?

MapAnything is a location services company for your Salesforce data. Their app allows you to visualize sales efforts, field service and new opportunities with an integrated map display inside your Salesforce instance.
With MapAnything for Salesforce, you’ll be able to track activities with verified check-ins, tasks and event logging.

How we use MapAnything

By integrating MapAnything with your Salesforce, our team can help you enable your sales reps to compare their existing territories, identify new opportunities, and reassign territories right from the map. Service reps can optimize their schedules to ensure site visits and avoid delays with real-time traffic and weather overlays. Your marketing team can say goodbye to guesswork; with MapAnything, they can identify prospects and decision makers within a certain location and mass assign leads to the correct sales rep with one click.

Why we use MapAnything

MapAnything is a quick and easy way to help our customers visualize their data, while seamlessly integrating with Salesforce. Businesses that spend a lot of time on their territory management, mapping prospects, and service route planning will benefit from MapAnything’s intuitive user interface and reduce the amount of time spent on those typically long painstaking tasks.