Build a Scalable Salesforce Platform That Encourages Growth

Trex engaged Trifecta’s Health Check to pinpoint areas of their Salesforce ecosystem that could prove to be troublesome in the future, especially in the face of rapid business growth

The Story


Trex is the world’s largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking products. Since 1996, Trex has invented, defined, and perfected the composite deck category. They were the first company to combine the durability of recycled plastic with the natural beauty of reclaimed wood. Trex prides themselves on their sustainable practices; the average Trex deck contains 140,000 recycled plastic bags and uses reclaimed sawdust to avoid cutting down trees. Their products are available in more than 40 countries across the world. 


Trex had been leveraging Salesforce technology for several years, as a key enabler of Sales Marketing, and Supply Chain. Their instance had grown organically, with internal resources and partners managing that growth. After experiencing productivity improvements with their initial implementation, Trex was anxious to enhance additional business practices. Unfortunately, their internal resources were not able to keep up with the demand.

In order to properly scale in alignment with their projected growth, Trex worked with the Trifecta team to assess the health of their current Salesforce org. The goal of the project was to position Trex’s Salesforce org for success in future Salesforce implementations and enhancements. 

In our search for a business partner, we found Trifecta to be the best fit. They brought premium Salesforce skillsets to the table at a reasonable cost and a wealth of experience that Trex could not possibly have hired directly. They have not only demonstrated a high degree of competence, but have gained our trust through a transparent and collaborative approach to work. In only a few short months, we have nearly completed a thorough health check of our Salesforce instance and significantly reduced our backlog of development requests. We now view Trifecta as both our expert advisors and adjuncts to our IT team – we look forward to continuing our journey with them.

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Services Provided

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Our Work


Trifecta’s team began the Health Check process with some deep-dive interviews to uncover potential pain points that would indicate issues to investigate further. We ran the Salesforce Optimizer Report as well as a Lightning Readiness Report. While these reports evaluate and flag potential problem areas, their results are not specific to a client’s Salesforce org; therefore, our team used those results to launch a detailed technical analysis using custom-built tools, evaluated permissions, and completed an in-depth custom code review. Trifecta documented this process, our findings, and detailed recommendations in a summary report with a high-level roadmap for resolution. Following the completion of our reporting, Trex worked with Trifecta to remediate several of the issues uncovered during the Health Check. 

The Results


Trex was able to optimize their Salesforce org and business processes for long-term enablement by first initiating Trifecta’s Health Check. As a result of this process, we implemented release automation tooling and a change-management process. We evolved their data structure and data capture processes to reduce redundances and inconsistencies, which will also position their org for future initiatives as it is optimally structured to support growth.  

Finally, we consolidated their complex automations to reduce performance issues and reduce the overall cost of ownership from a maintenance perspective. Following these improvements, Trex has targeted aggressive goals for revenue growth in their Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud Platforms.