Trifecta is a trusted advisor for some of the most widely recognized and successful companies in the world. Brands choose Trifecta based on the depth of our experience, the strength of our success, and the value of our solutions. During the project process, our unique approach and skilled team enable us to become true business partners, innovative consultants, and indispensable strategic advisers. For that reason, an overwhelming majority of our business comes from repeat clients.

Our Values

Trifecta was built on three core values: Integrity, Leadership, and Continuous Improvement. We are a diverse team with a united mission, and we ensure every decision we make is aligned with these values and strategically moves us toward our goal.


Integrity Builds Trust: A culture where we do the right thing (even when no one is looking)

Integrity comes first because without it, we are nothing. We treat our team, our clients, and our community like family; we show up, we are kind, we are open-minded, we invest in one anothers’ growth, and we default to honesty. We offer help to those who need it, and we stand up for what we believe in. These things are essential to building trust, which, to us, is sacred.


Leadership Inspires Engagement: A culture where everyone feels empowered

Trifecta is a team of leaders – in our offices, in our industries, in our communities, and in everything that we do. We’re strategic, big-picture thinkers. We believe great companies are built around great people. Our staff’s expertise, insight, and solutions brings clients immeasurable value. We support our staff so they feel empowered to take initiative, speak out, roll up their sleeves, and make an impact.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement Fosters Growth: A culture that is always evolving.

Although we’ve been in business for more than two decades, we still operate as if we are a start-up company. Our team challenges the status quo, pushes the boundaries of innovation, and never settles. Instead of simply solving a problem and moving on, we strive to discover new possibilities. When we think we’re finished, we look back, strategize, and continue evolving.

Diversity at Trifecta

Diverse Teams, United Mission

Creating a culture of creativity, diversity, and innovation.

Trifecta serves a global, multicultural base of customer and partners, and we strive to reflect that diversity within the walls of our offices. Diversity of thought drives unique solutions, and diversity in practice fuels true innovation. Our commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice is the cornerstone to achieving our company vision and mission at Trifecta.

You can learn more about how Trifecta cultivates a diverse staff and inclusive environment by visiting our Careers page.

Our Accomplishments

Over our company’s history, Trifecta has been recognized for the quality of our work through repeat clients, extended service contracts, and industry awards. Likewise, several community organizations have recognized Trifecta for our efforts to serve our neighbors and non-profits in the Lehigh Valley, as well as our efforts to create a strategic, fun, diverse team that is proud to work for our company. Though Trifecta’s success is not measured solely by these accolades, we are proud of our accomplishments, as they affirm our steadfast dedication to the Trifecta values. Below is a small sampling of Trifecta’s recent accomplishments.