Let Me Show You…

Published January 9, 2023

Hopefully by now, you’re familiar with Trifecta Tech Talk, our ongoing series where we discuss all things tech in this cloud-based world. We are so excited to announce a new division of our Tech Talks that is entirely dedicated to video-based content. Without further ado, we would like to introduce the Let Me Show You series!

Let Me Show You is comprised of easy-to-follow tutorials and explanations hosted by Jason Kilp, a Senior Designer at Trifecta! He is a member of our expert team of Salesforce Solutions Integrators. Jason will help lead you through the common questions and stumbling blocks commonly faced by Salesforce Admins looking to create a strategic, accessible, and user-centric experience.

Why should you be interested in the Let Me Show You series? Well, our instructional videos are short and informational. They are typically less than 10 minutes long and provide quick tips and tricks for different Salesforce products as well as solutions to common challenges. We created this series to ensure that you can expand the capabilities of your Salesforce instance and maintain an efficient experience for your users.

The Let Me Show You series is available on our Youtube Channel. Be sure to stay tuned for new videos! If you have a question that we haven’t covered, send us an email at info@trifecta.com or leave a comment with us on YouTube.

Let us show you what we have in store.

Kathryn Ambrose
Kathryn Ambrose
Marketing Associate
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