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Teknion Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets office systems and related office furniture products. The company, which started in the 1980s as a small company with three employees, has evolved into a family of companies that operates internationally. Teknion is recognized as an innovator and thought leader in furniture for the modern office. They offer furnishings and décor products such as seating, tables, file cabinets, storage units, ergonomic items, mobile furniture, architectural wall systems, and accessories.

Project Impact

Trifecta’s development team successfully imported, translated, and mapped Teknion’s customer data.
The Challenge

Teknion’s overall challenge was to provide an online platform that allowed them to showcase the countless configurations available for their large portfolio of products.

To accomplish this, they partnered with Threekit, a leader in leveraging virtual photography, 3D, and augmented reality to create beautiful customer experiences. As part of this partnership, Trifecta’s role was to import and translate Standard Interchange Format (SIF) file data to the Threekit platform. These .sif files, used primarily in the furniture industry, are created from the bill of materials (BOM) and generally include attributes specific to each product and all available configurations such as product numbers, product descriptions, list prices, manufacturer code, etc. Trifecta also mapped DWG files to Threekit assets, provided core data for 3D configurations, and delivered a solution based on Threekit’s development standards.
Our Strategy

Trifecta’s eCommerce experts and development team created a strategy that not only solved challenges for Teknion; it leveraged innovative thinking that enables the solution to be leveraged and reimagined for future clients with similar challenges.

The team translated SIF data to Threekit API / json objects, applied Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda functions using Node.js, and utilized AWS services including Cloudwatch, Simple Queue Service (SQS), S3, and Cognito for user authentication on the portal. The portal was developed in Angular and is being hosted in an S3 bucket. The solution leveraged core Threekit technologies to provide easy hand-over of the final solution.
Threekit assets configuration page

Trifecta’s development team successfully imported, translated, and mapped Teknion’s customer data.

In partnership with Threekit, our team demoed the new platform system to Teknion, who ultimately chose to move forward with the implementation of Threekit’s software. The project, currently underway, is projected to launch in February 2021. Post implementation, Teknion is targeting increased sales and decreased returns.

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