Keep Your Salesforce Instance Healthy with Managed Services

Populytics is a leading provider of services to health plans and health plan members aimed at making good health an affordable priority. They are a technology company that supports population health by serving as the data engine that drives health care providing employers with insights, transparency, and pathways to improve employee health. Additional services include corporate wellness programs, emotional wellness resources, occupational health services, and fitness centers.

Project Impact


The Challenge

When faced with maintaining their Salesforce instance, Populytics found that their internal skill set was not quite enough to achieve their desired results. Without the ability to self-enable their Salesforce instance, Populytics had manual processes in place where automation would be appropriate. They also had a dated website and broken web-to-lead generation. ​

Their Salesforce instance was not entirely reflective of their daily operations, with Marketing KPIs and metrics unobserved. There was room for improvement with their data integrity and misaligned workflows that needed to depict business processes more accurately.

Trifecta has been an exemplary partner over the past year. Their in-depth product knowledge and product management have delivered spot-on technical solutions for our priority needs. They have professionally addressed large project needs, simple how-to questions, and recommended quality integrations and important maintenance and structural tasks. The Trifecta team is fantastic! Everyone is highly responsive, organized, skilled, and enjoyable to work with. They are a reliable extension of our team.
Populytics Employee from Survey
Our Strategy

Trifecta’s approach to resolving these challenges began with our Managed Services program. To offer Populytics the ongoing support that their business required, Trifecta’s experts became an extension of their team.

To automate the client proposal document and signature process, Trifecta implemented Conga Composer and Conga Sign, saving the team time and effort. For a seamless web to lead process integration, WordPress, Salesforce, and third-party tools like Zapier were used. For increased visibility for the Sales and Marketing teams, third-party marketing tools like Mailchimp were integrated with Salesforce campaigns, reports, and dashboards. This allowed these departments to make knowledgeable decisions based on shared information and analysis. An essential part of Populytics’ solution was data and layout clean-up. To create an environment that prioritizes data integrity moving forward, the way of inputting and organizing data required modification.
Encouraging Populytics to focus on what they do best, while we keep their Salesforce instance in tip-top shape.

Trifecta delivered a platform which further leverages the capabilities of Salesforce. As Populytics makes more productive use of the platform, their ROI increases.

The capabilities for capturing and converting leads are better suited to developing relationships and making sales. Sales teams now have more freedom with their time because of the automation in sales proposals. Automation lessened the time spent on administrative tasks. A large advantage that Populytics now has is the increased visibility of marketing campaigns. Organizing, maintaining, and analyzing their campaigns is now clearer and more intuitive than ever.

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