Keep Communications and Service Progress Visible with Salesforce Field Service

PenTeleData is a communications network provider who offer a broad range of solutions for internet, networking, security, and data transport services to residential, educational, financial, government, healthcare and commercial customers throughout the greater Pennsylvania and New Jersey regions.

Project Impact

Trifecta delivered a solution that virtually eliminated the manual tasks and paperwork that used to overwhelm PenTeleData's field service teams.
The Challenge

A major challenge for PenTeleData was that many of their processes were reliant upon manual work and paper documents.

There was a heavy use of spreadsheets, Outlook calendars, and passing paper documents with notes in the margins to organize service technicians, inventory, and more. With paper and printing the norm, PenTeleData’s offices were swimming with physical documents, folders, and filing. This made organization, reporting and metrics, and visibility into service case progress very limited.
Customer signatures are essential for PenTeleData’s technicians to complete their projects, but this created another minor hurdle, as the documents were handwritten on tri-copy carbon forms. Additionally, customers also can purchase labor hours at a discounted rate, however PenTeleData was tracking this, along with inventory, on a spreadsheet. All of these spreadsheets needed manual updates, were not accurate in real-time, and proved to be very difficult to scale.
A stack of binders on a desk full of paper.
Our Strategy

Trifecta’s approach to helping PenTeleData overcome their challenges began with Salesforce Field Service. ​

Field Service would eliminate paper records and streamline processes by making them electronic with automation. Field Service has strong scheduling capabilities, so PenTeleData could move away from the chaos of shared Outlook calendars and use location and GIS abilities to delegate appointments to technicians based on location, skills, and availability. Technicians also use Field Service to track time for each work order more accurately than ever.

Services cases were created to give one source of truth for employees. They can view all information and service work orders related to a case in one location at any time. Data was also at the center of change for the labor paid in advance tracking system. Where the manual spreadsheets used to be, Field Service uses automation to track and update pre-paid labor levels. Reporting and analytics are now available and even notify PenTeleData’s account owners when five or less hours are available so they can help customers purchase more hours. 

To make the field service technicians’ day-to-day tasks easier and faster, we created a specific Salesforce App called “ITS” that centralizes the menu options that these employees use the most. For technicians that are wrapping up their case, a bill of materials report is now readily available. This ensures that clients are accurately billed without manual effort on the PenTeleData team. 

One Source of Truth

PenTeleData now has all of the important information in one place.
This is easily accessible and visible to employees.

Salesforce field service screen
Labor tracking and dispatch portal screen
The Results

Trifecta delivered software and custom solutions to streamline PenTeleData’s business processes, especially for their field service teams. Manual tasks and paperwork used to be overwhelming and reports were scarce. Now, Salesforce Field Service and solutions made by our team have eliminated this problem.

The scheduling capabilities of Field Service allows PenTeleData to be more strategic with their resources, saving time, money, and travel expenses by using automation and software to organize and set up appointments. The closest appropriately skilled, and available technician will be assigned to the appointment. This is an easier process than what was previously in place because manual effort is limited and technician productivity increases, propelling an increase in revenue. Field Service makes tracking time spent on a case automated and error-free. This improves billing accuracy and increases revenue.

Our team also delivered electronic capturing and tracking of inventory. PenTeleData has increased their visibility with real-time inventory reporting which allows them to make stronger decisions based on metrics. There is also automated assistance for re-order points and managing stock. Customer service representatives now have visibility into the automated maintenance plans. When a customer calls, the representative can see if they have coverage for the equipment in question, through a maintenance plan.

Configuring Salesforce Field Service and custom solutions allows the PenTeleData team to complete their work and analyze data more accurately and efficiently than ever before. Reports are readily available and updated in real time. This solution will continue to serve PenTeleData and scale to match the business’ growth.

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