Trifecta Technologies utilizes the secure Payment Gateway for easy connection to your commerce solution.

What is makes it easier to connect websites to payment processing networks. Merchants can connect to the Payment Gateway, which provides the complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure fast, reliable and secure transmission of transaction data.
They manage the routing of transactions just like a traditional credit card swipe machine you find in the physical retail world, however, uses the internet instead of a phone line. The Payment Gateway is available 24/7 for processing transactions. They also offer a number of value-added services to assist merchants in managing their businesses and protecting themselves from fraud.

How we use

When building a commerce solution for your business, our team will utilize’s API to integrate with Salesforce, allowing you to accept payments immediately. Whether it’s a retail POS, online purchase, or mobile, we’ll get you connected to a flexible, secure and easy payment solution.

Why we use is safe and reliable. They allow businesses to accept payments in every environment while supporting any type of payment anywhere and grows with your business.