Trifecta Technologies partners with Endowance to benefit customers integrating Salesforce and ERP Systems to remove data silos and maximize business processes.

Endowance Duet360 Lowers Cost and Risk for ERP to Salesforce Integration

Trifecta and Endowance Solutions partnered together to combine their knowledge and experience in providing technology products and services and Salesforce consultancy solutions to the Salesforce customer community. This alignment will help Trifecta customers to streamline the integration between front and back-office systems.

How we use Duet360

The OneOffice Duet360™ integration solution helps to cost-effectively absorb the complexity of integration projects. Duet360 is a cloud-based product that simplifies the integration of cloud and on-premise systems without onsite IT expertise.

Why we use Duet360

This partnership will empower manufacturing and distribution companies to remove data silos and make better business decisions. Customers will also be able to maximize their supply chain, resulting in shorter lead times, greater inventory control, and better customer experiences.