Trifecta Technologies utilizes Pimly’s product information management (PIM) offering to provide centralized product management across the entire enterprise. 

What is Pimly?

Pimly is the first Salesforce-native platform for managing product information100% native to the Salesforce platform, Pimly is automatically integrated with all of your Salesforce applications to serve as your central source of truth for product data. 

Why we use Pimly

Pimly makes it easy to keep and manage all of your product data on the Salesforce platform and syndicate it out to any consumer.  Having Pimly on platform means that there are no additional integrations to surface product data in Salesforce Commerce, Service Cloud, your Digital Experiences or any other Salesforce cloud you may be usingConfiguration and customization of Pimly can be done with clicks not code, reducing your overall implementation and maintenance cost.