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Trifecta’s team launched AMMEX’s eCommerce solution within 10 weeks, not only providing a scalable platform to support future AMMEX online sales growth but also increasing customer adoption by 30% and increasing productivity among their sales reps.

The Story


AMMEX is a global leader in products that promote health, hygiene, and safety across a variety of industries. Founded in 1988, AMMEX specializes in the wholesale distribution of disposable gloves and barrier protection products. AMMEX has a production capacity of billions of gloves per year. They offer nitrile, latex, vinyl, and poly gloves and serve manufacturing, automotive, food, and medical industries.


AMMEX was utilizing a legacy eCommerce platform that was approaching its end of life. In searching for a new solution, AMMEX had an aggressive timeline. If they were unable to go live within three months, they would be forced to sign a contract renewal with their existing platform or face a site outage.

“We selected Trifecta because I knew they could get the job done effectively. Part of what I look for in a professional services partner is a repeatable process for deployment, and this was clear with Trifecta. They had a clear sense of ownership and experience with a truly measured approach.”

Our Work


Trifecta’s team migrated AMMEX’s eCommerce from their current platform to Salesforce B2B Commerce cloud. The selection of Commerce Cloud presented some immediate opportunities for enhanced value, as AMMEX would have the benefit of the entire Salesforce Platform. This not only met the goal of providing a quality eCommerce solution, but also allowed integration with some of AMMEX’s key systems. Trifecta enabled bidirectional data flow between Salesforce and AMMEX’s Microsoft Great Plains ERP via Dell Boomi middleware, which ensured AMMEX records were sync across platforms. Use of the Salesforce platform also enables AMMEX to work toward consolidation of their systems, with planned future phases including implementation of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

AMMEX's specialized inventory allocation solution was custom-coded by Trifecta to allow a guaranteed allotment of AMMEX PPE products.

“During an implementation process, you inevitably face challenges along the way. AMMEX’s biggest concern was we were under a significant time crunch to successfully launch our eCommerce solution. We know good partners could code around anything – but could they do it quickly enough to meet our deadline? Trifecta could, and they did.”

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eCommerce Solution

“I felt like I could trust the Trifecta team, like we were in it together. They weren’t just there to run up the bill to get the job done. Trifecta was a true partner to AMMEX. There was never any doubt that the Trifecta team would – and did – do everything in their power to get us over the goal line.”​

The Results


As a result of our collaboration, AMMEX was able to launch their new eCommerce solution within 2.5 months of initiating the project.

The commerce site allows AMMEX to reach higher levels of efficiency. It integrates with their other key systems, streamlining operations and ensuring that account, order, and product records are kept up-to-date between AMMEX systems and Salesforce. The solution also enhances the customer and user experience. Our team leveraged Salesforce CMS and Experience builder to reflect the AMMEX identity and create custom branded login pages for customers. Through B2B Commerce, customers now have capabilities not available through AMMEX’s previous platform, such as advanced product searches and inventory allocation. AMMEX’s eCommerce site, which launched in 2021, was designed to maximize operational efficiencies, enhance their customer experience providing self-service options, and increase sales revenues.

Since the initial launch, close to 90% of AMMEX customers are ordering through their digital commerce site, an increase of 30%. The shift from manual order entry to digital has likewise increased the productivity of AMMEX sales reps, allowing them to focus on high-impact tasks such as building richer relationships with customers.

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“Our project success is a testament to the strength of the Trifecta team. They are committed, knowledgeable, creative…and overall did a fantastic job.”