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MyComputerCareer embarked on increasing the flexibility and scalability of their class offerings quickly with Trifecta’s B2B Commerce Rapid Start.

The Story


MyComputerCareer is an I.T. school that specializes in helping those making a career change to the computer industry, regardless of their previous education or work experience. Through their courses, you can gain certifications from the Microsoft I.T. Academy, CompTIA, Cisco, Linux, and CEH. 


MyComputerCareer was interested in creating a commerce site to promote a specific subset of online courses. These courses were intended to be purchased and provisioned on the site. A key aspect of bringing this idea to market was a user-friendly storefront that was capable of taking payment. A large obstacle for MyComputerCareer was the limited time frame available, making speed to market of the essence. 

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Our Work


To achieve MyComputerCareer’s goals, Trifecta initiated our B2B Commerce Rapid Start. This program is designed to quickly launch a targeted and scalable digital storefront, which aligned completely with MyComputerCareer and their desired commerce site. We also approached the credit card payment processing challenge by integrating Asperato. 

The Results


In only 6 weeks, Trifecta was able to launch MyComputerCareer’s user-friendly site. By implementing the B2B Commerce Rapid Start, MyComputerCareer has the scalability and functionality to add or modify new class offerings. With these capabilities, MyComputerCareer is able to enhance their customer service, product flexibility, and speed to market.