Engineer an Efficient and Seamless Commerce Experience

HAAG Global’s new eCommerce instance delivers a complex business model with excellence. A single source of truth drastically improves the speed of service.

The Story


HAAG Global is an employee-owned forensic engineering & technical consulting firm, since 1924. HAAG serves the legal, insurance, and construction industries. HAAG is located in Flower Mound, TX and has 150 employees. Their business model is complex; Certifying, endorsing, and providing legal experts to help in accident reconstruction, insurance claims, fire investigations, weather related incidents, and other legal proceedings where a subject matter expert is required. 


HAAG was operating with a complex 4 cloud implementation, making it time consuming and tedious to retrieve and record information This complexity heightened with an outside partner working with HAAG on their FinancialForce implementation, messy client data needing migration, and the integration of Absorb LMS. An ongoing consideration was HAAG’s complex business model, with many offerings and areas of specialization. 

The coordination of discovery, development, and deployment for a single source of truth was necessary to streamline operations.

Table of Contents

Services Provided

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Our Work


Trifecta created a single connected database as the source of truth for HAAG. To drive efficiency and collaboration, payroll, invoicing, AR, AP, Financial Reporting, and Sales Relationship Management are now all on platform. In this platform transition, Trifecta moved HAAG from excel reports to FinancialForce.  

One of HAAG’s offerings is in education including certifications, training, books, and tools. Their B2B Commerce instance was integrated with a Learning Management System (LMS) to streamline the certification and renewal logic.  

The Results


Trifecta completed HAAG’s Salesforce transformation efficiently and on budget. Where the complexity of HAAG’s previous system required three separate transactions for an order including an online course, a physical product, and a digital eBook, the new system and site allows clients to place one single order. Following checkout, Trifecta’s implementation of Order Orchestration now determines the type of product purchased and grants access to the item in its respective system – all in real time. With physical products, the order fulfillment system is streamlined through immediate syncing with ShipStation. Trifecta delivered better, more accurate, and more timely reporting. A HAAG customer will now have a smooth and efficient shopping experience on their new commerce site.