Graduate from Antiquated Processes using Custom Solutions

Trifecta built a responsive Salesforce solution for the Herff Jones sales representatives that increased operational efficiencies and doubled user adoption.

The Story


Herff Jones is the leading provider of graduation and recognition products and services, designed to inspire student achievement. Their products include class rings, graduation regalia, jewelry and yearbooks, as well as motivation and recognition tools and resources. Focused on building long-term relationships through a nationwide network of more than 2,000 employees and representatives, the professionals at Herff Jones have been helping elevate the student experience for nearly 100 years.


The growth of Herff Jones’ yearbook division was being held back by antiquated, difficult-to-use software systems. The division lacked a central repository of customer data and yearbook order details, and integration between front-end and back-end systems was nonexistent.

The Herff Jones sales team experienced such a difficult time using the existing software that they resorted to storing customer contact information on their personal computers. This became an issue when Herff Jones began losing data when sales reps would leave the company, taking customer information with them. In addition, their ad hoc system was so difficult to use that their employee onboarding process took twice as long as it should have to ensure reps were trained properly on the software.

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Our Work


We worked closley with Herff Jones to understand how our team could help them integrate disparate systems, increase sales efficiency and minimize data loss. The Trifecta team understood that the Salesforce platform was the perfect way to create a single repository of customer accounts and yearbook order details, while storing it securely.

Trifecta created a custom yearbook job management application on the Salesforce platform that fully integrated with their manufacturing system, key back office systems, and legacy databases.

Herff Jones’ sales reps often meet with clients on-site. Prior to this solution, they were obligated to take orders on paper forms and, later, manually enter the data at the office. Trifecta enhanced this experience by making the solution optimized for mobile use. This enabled the sales reps to use tablets for order-taking when meeting with customers and prospects outside of the office.

Trifecta’s solution also included a robust custom pricing application, designed to accommodate complex pricing rules and data from multiple internal systems.

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The Results


Trifecta’s solution provides major operational efficiencies for sales reps in managing critical job information, allowing them more time in the field to sell to customer. Onboarding time for new reps has been decreased. Employee adoption among independent sales reps doubled, and customer data is now safeguarded against turnover loss. Overall, Herff Jones is able to provide clients with faster response delivery time and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

“The work Trifecta did to reproduce Worksheet Pro in SFDC was well received. Knowing the complexity of this price book, I consider the final product nothing short of amazing.”