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Trifecta developed a custom solution on the Salesforce Platform to help Varsity differentiate their camp experience with personalized music downloads.

The Story


Varsity is a leader in cheer and dance camps, competitions, and apparel. They design, manufacture, and sell items such as uniforms, shoes, and accessories. Varsity has driven the tremendous growth of cheer and dance activities globally.


In an effort to better connect with customers, Varsity developed the idea for a special promotion. After booking their camp experience, clients would become eligible to download their personal routine music. Varsity did not have the capability to generate thousands of individualized music download codes, so they turned to the Trifecta team to develop a custom solution on the Salesforce Platform.

Our Work


Trifecta’s team built a mechanism on the Salesforce Platform Cloud to distribute download codes to customers who registered for Varsity Camps. The solution integrated with Yes! Fitness Music, which hosted the music download options externally. Trifecta also developed custom reporting options, so Varsity could track codes distributed, downloads, and other key metrics.

“Working with Trifecta was a great experience overall. Timely, efficient, and fun!”

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Services Provided

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The Results


Varsity Spirit’s mission is to “Elevate the student experience and create memorable experiences for young people.” While their camps were already highly regarded for their top-quality instructors, talented staff, and comprehensive training, that was not enough for Varsity. This promotion served to show Varsity’s commitment to the camper experience and overall sport of cheerleading. These codes not only give athletes access to their personalized routine music, but downloading the tracks make the music accessible 24/7. Students now have the ability to practice outside of camp, at home, with friends or teammates, any time of the day.