Prescribe Automation and Visibility to Strengthen Your Sales Cycle

Chemistry Rx set out to increase efficiency in managing the sales cycle by reducing manual processes and increasing accessible information through Sales Cloud and data integration.

The Story


Chemistry Rx is a compounding and specialty pharmacy dedicated to providing the highest quality of customized medication to patients, providers, and other organizations across the healthcare continuum.  

Chemistry Rx only uses active ingredients from FDA-registered manufacturers that are designated and safe for human compounding.  


In Chemistry Rx’s operations, they faced challenges with manual processes, data visibility, and swivel chair integration. An obstacle for Chemistry Rx was the reliance on manual processes to track sales life cycles. These were Excel files that monitored cycles with their healthcare providers. Another manual process that took precious time away from employees was managing sales rep commissions. Visibility in the important data was limited, with no easy reporting visibility to understand sales rep performance filtered by provider and script type. Data was not easily accessible, with third party software (PK software) in a separate system that was used to track all prescription details.  

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Services Provided

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Our Work


Trifecta approached these challenges with Sales Cloud and API Integration. Implementing Sales Cloud would allow Chemistry Rx to manage the sales cycle with lead and opportunity management. Our experts built commission logic based on new and existing fills to determine correct commission to the reps. To increase visibility amongst the sales cycle, reports and dashboards were created to display status updates to sales reps and sales management. Information was easily accessible with the creation of custom “Fill” objects to integrate via scheduled batch job with PK software which would include data such as fill date, formula name and strength, and insurance information.  

The Results


Trifecta’s solutions for Chemistry Rx created increasing sales representative efficiency and reduced administration time, achieved by the single solution for viewing both account and prescription data. This eliminated the need for switching between systems to obtain important information. Chemistry Rx is able to narrow in on high-value opportunities to strategically close deals. Commissions logic and enhanced visibility has shifted sales rep behavior towards pursuing these most promising opportunities.  

Chemistry Rx has leveraged their software investments to stay well informed, with nightly batches of PK Software information. This swift process allows comprehensive real-time reports to be created and analyzed which aids understanding the status of operations and decision making.