Turning the Volume Up on this Commerce Experience

Trifecta collaborated with Boss Audio to launch a revamped Commerce instance, granting customers a user-friendly experience and employees the ability to fulfill processes more efficiently

The Story


BOSS Audio Systems is a leader and innovator in creating audio and video products featuring the latest technology, while consistently delivering a clean and powerful sound. The BOSS Audio catalog includes more than 800 products for car, marine, and power sports audio, all sold in 130 countries, both in storefront retailers and online.  


For BOSS Audio, business was ramping up. However, this revealed their processes at the time to be overly time consuming, error prone, and too manual to sustain the experienced growth. These restrictions made it difficult for BOSS Audio to scale their business to take advantage of new opportunities. There was a need for self-service amongst their customer base and an optimized dealer storefront to drive adoption. Data was essential to overcome these challenges and the integration of ERP and Salsify (PIM) would get them there. 

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Services Provided

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Our Work


Trifecta’s strategy in solving BOSS Audio’s challenges was to implement B2B Commerce which would support both Commerce and Sales channels. To achieve the goal of increased data visibility, the Salesforce instance was integrated with Southware ERP. This provided insight into order data, introducing greater efficiency and knowledge. For user experience and clarity, Trifecta integrated Salsify (PIM) which displayed product data and images on the storefront. Other developments to the storefront included inventory status, downloadable documents, order data, and invoices. The process for customers registering on the site for access was also automated. 

The Results


The changes to BOSS Audio’s commerce delivered a new experience embraced by all users: from customers to employees. The implementation of B2B Commerce would now accommodate for growth and scaling moving forward. The team gained order management efficiencies, reduced manual processes, and minimized errors. Self-service with strong visibility and access to information for distributors was introduced by leveraging data across systems (ERP and PIM).